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Baen Books
JPH Collections
Catastrophes, Chaos & Convolutions
Mixed short fiction and nonfiction
Martian Knightlife
Minds, Machines & Evolution
Mixed short fiction and nonfiction
Rockets, Redheads & Revolution
Mixed short fiction & nonfiction
Two Moons
1st & 2nd Giants novels
Two Worlds
3rd & 4th Giants novels
JPH Novels
Bug Park
Neural Interfacing to insect-size robots
Code of the Lifemaker
Naturally evolving machine biosphere on Titan
Cradle of Saturn
Catastrophic changes in configuration of Solar System
Echoes of an Alien Sky
Aliens explore once-inhabited Earth
Endgame Enigma
Espionage aboard a Soviet space habitat
Included in "The Two Worlds"
4th in "Giants" series
Giants series
Giants' Star
Included in "The Two Worlds"
3rd in "Giants" series
Inherit the Stars
Included in "The Two Moons"
1st in "Giants" series
Mission to Minerva
5th in "Giants" series
Moon Flower
Trouble hits plans to exploit newly discovered planet
Paths to Otherwhere
Consciousness connecting across the Multiverse
Realtime Interrupt
How to escape from a virtual world?
Star Child
Little girl and robot share lifelong companionship
The Anguished Dawn
Sequel to Cradle of Saturn
The Genesis Machine
Hyperspace weaponry from politically controlled science
The Gentle Giants of Ganymede
Included in "The Two Moons"
2nd in "Giants" series
The Immortality Option
Sequel to "Code of the Lifemaker"
The Legend that was Earth
Alien exploitation of Earth with Terran collusion
The Migration
The Multiplex Man
Personality/Identity switching in a dystopian future
The Proteus Operation
Mission through time to reshape World War 2
The Two Faces of Tomorrow
How far can an Artificial Intelligence goe to protect itself when its survival is threatened?
Thrice Upon a Time
Communicating through time presents the same paradoxes as time travel
Voyage from Yesteryear
Earth's attempt to reclaim a colony of descendants who were not raise by socially conditioned human adults
JPH Short-Fiction
The Absolutely Foolproof Alibi
Perfection can have its problems.
The Colonizing of Tharle
A planet with no government and crazy economics.
A time machine can make things so complicated.
Decontamination Squad
The latest accomplishment of do-good intergalactic meddlers.
Down to Earth
Sir Isaac meets Galileo (One-act play).
The Falcon
Strange escape from a world of nightmares.
Fortune Cookie
The Cosmic Code Decoded.
Generation Gap
Kids despair at modern-day adults.
The Guardians
"Unbeatable" alien nano-tech weaponry meets its match.
His Own Worst Enemy
An alter-ego with a grudge.
Identity Crisis
Gender-switch antics.
Inside Story
Secret government plot revealed.
Jailhouse Rock
Early "Knight" military caper.
The Kahl of Tadzhikstan
The Knight defends interplanetary archeologists against corporate bullying.
Last Ditch
The perfect game of chess has unexpected consequences.
The Apollo Program was a Soviet set-up.
Madam Butterfly
Tiny acts can have huge consequences.
Making Light
God's problems with the celestial bureaucracy.
Early anti-progress movement opposes fire.
The Pacifist
Assassinating Hitler to save the future.
Rules Within Rules
Number theory provides the guide for living
Silver Shoes for a Princess
Little girl and robot have the same problem.
Sword of Damocles
Using a time machine to blackmail the future.
Take Two
An underclass of consumer robots discover religion.
Till Death Us Do Part
Remote-controlled murder scheme backfires.
The Tree of Dreams
Idyllic world targeted for "cultural advancement" prefers to remain undiscovered
Zap Thy Neighbor
Sure enough, the meek inherit the Earth.
Convicted killer accepts a deal to be the first guinea-pig for a mind-uploading experiment.
Silver Gods from the Sky
Planetfall and the first encounters with other life for the children and their robot protectors
Three Domes and a Tower
The space children discover a strange affinity for the lost civilization that once inhabited the world that is their new home.
The Stillness Among the Stars
How does a robot deal with the realization that his lifetime companion is mortal?
JPH Nonfiction books
Kicking the Sacred Cow
JPH Non-Fiction
Know Nukes
Minds, Machines, and Evolution
The symbolic manipulation AI paradigm -- Essay
The Revealed Word of God
Militant case for Darwinism from earlier years
Earth Models -- on a Plate
Boom & Slump in Space
Ozone Politics They Call This Science?
Fact-Free Science
Evolution Revisited
Humanistic Religion: The Rush to Embrace Darwinism
Of Bangs and Braids: Cosmology's Mathematical Abstractions
Drifting in the Ether: Did Relativity Take a Wrong Turn?
Catastrophe of Ethics: The Case For Taking Velikovsky Seriously
Environmentalist Fantasies
(Global Warming; Ozone Depletion; DDT; Radiation; Asbestos)
Modern Medievalism
The politics and religion behind 19th century British geology.
The Cosmic Power Grid
Problems with a gravity-only model of the universe, and how an electrical theory answers them.
Intelligence Test
Difficulties for Darwinism at the molecular level, and the scientific case for a Design alternative.
Getting Here from There
Knowledge is a Mind-Altering Drug
How They Got Me at Baycon
Uprooting again
What Really Brought Down Communism
Sorry about that...
Getting Better Connected
Old, Unimproved Model
Discovering Hyperspace
More on Replication
How Long Should a Piece of String Be?
Going Full Time
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