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Astronomy & Cosmology
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"Big Bang"
"Black Holes"
"Electric Universe"
JPH Novels
Cradle of Saturn
Catastrophic changes in configuration of Solar System
JPH Nonfiction books
Kicking the Sacred Cow
Includes "Of Bangs and Braids": electrical forces in cosmology
JPH Non-Fiction
Of Bangs and Braids: Cosmology's Mathematical Abstractions
Cosmic Electricity
Talk given March, 2008
Electrical Universe theory
Heretics Books
A New Approach To Cosmology, by Fred Hoyle, G. Burbidge & J.V. Narlikar
Case against Big Bang and for quasi-steady-state
Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets, by Tom Van Flandern
Electric Universe, The, by Wallace Thornhill & David Talbott
Exploding A Myth, by Jeremy Dunning-Davies
Questioning black holes and Big Bang
Nature's Destiny, by Michael J. Denton
Quasars, Redshifts, and Controversies, by Halton C. Arp
Seeing Red, by Halton Arp
Challenging the conventional interpretation of redshift
The Big Bang Never Happened, by Eric J. Lerner
The Electric Sky, by Donald E. Scott
The Virtue of Heresy, by Hilton Ratcliffe
Bulletin Board Postings
Bayes' Theorem, August 11, 2008
Misapplication to Halton Arp's work
Big Bang Murmurings, Jun 12, 2004
Cosmology In Trouble? December 1, 2000
Natural Philosophy Alliance, April 17, 2008
Radioactivity And Transmutation, December 9, 2008
Cosmic influences on decay rates
Rethinking Cosmology, May 8, 2008
Staying Inside The Box, May 18, 2008
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