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Space travel & engineering
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JPH Novels
Code of the Lifemaker
Naturally evolving machine biosphere on Titan
Cradle of Saturn
Catastrophic changes in configuration of Solar System
Giants series
Advanced alien Interstellar, Multiverse
Inherit the Stars
Mission to Jupiter
1st in "Giants" series
Moon Flower
Heim drives
Outward Bound
Juvenile delinquents recruited for space
The Anguished Dawn
Among Saturnian moon system
Sequel to Cradle of Saturn
The Immortality Option
Sequel to "Code of the Lifemaker"
The Migration
Generation ship departs to found a new kind of world
Voyage from Yesteryear
Generation ship
Earth's attempt to reclaim a colony of descendants who were not raise by socially conditioned human adults
JPH Short-Fiction
The Apollo Program was a Soviet set-up.
Madam Butterfly
Tiny acts can have huge consequences.
Sword of Damocles
Using a time machine to blackmail the future.
JPH Non-Fiction
Paint Your Booster
Boom & Slump in Space
The Trouble With Utopias
How do you design a society whose overriding attribute is that it wasn't designed?
Other People's Utopias
Talk, Infra-free Architecture symposium
Heretics Books
Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Space Ship, by George Dyson
The Curve of Binding Energy, by John McPhee
The Space Elevator, by Bradley Edwards & Eric Westling
Bulletin Board Postings
A Fusion Reactor In Your Garage, January 17, 2008
Electrostatic fusion propulsion
Driver Hype, January 8, 2006
My Nickel's Worth on the Shuttle, Feb 22, 2003
Pioneer 10 Signing Off, Mar 15, 2003
The Space Elevator, Mar 24, 2003
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