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"Artificial Intelligence"
JPH Novels
Bug Park
Neural Interfacing to insect-size robots
Code of the Lifemaker
Naturally evolving machine biosphere on Titan
Star Child
Little girl and robot have the same problem
The Immortality Option
Sequel to "Code of the Lifemaker"
The Migration
Problem of imparting the equivalent of human "world knowledge"
Voyage from Yesteryear
Robots as surrogate parents/tutors/guardians
Earth's attempt to reclaim a colony of descendants who were not raise by socially conditioned human adults
JPH Short-Fiction
Silver Shoes for a Princess
Little girl and robot have the same problem.
Silver Gods from the Sky
Planetfall and the first encounters with other life for the children and their robot protectors
Three Domes and a Tower
The space children discover a strange affinity for the lost civilization that once inhabited the world that is their new home.
The Stillness Among the Stars
How does a robot deal with the realization that his lifetime companion is mortal?
JPH Non-Fiction
Asimov's Laws
Other People's Utopias
Fractal robots--talk given at Infra-free Architecture symposium
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