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JPH Nonfiction books
Kicking the Sacred Cow
Includes "AIDS Heresy in the Viricentric Universe"
JPH Non-Fiction
Fact-Free Science
AIDS Heresy in the Viricentric Universe
(Updated version of AIDS Heresy and the New Bishops)
Heretics Books
AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty, by Eileen Stillwaggon
AIDS: A Second Opinion, by Gary Null & James Feast
Get All the Facts: HIV Does Not Cause AIDS
Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled? by Peter Duesberg
Inventing the AIDS Virus, by Peter Duesberg
Oncogenes, Aneuploidy, and AIDS, by Harvey Bialy
Biography of Peter Duesberg
Poison by Prescription, by John Lauritsen
Positively False, by Joan Shenton
Rethinking AIDS, by Robert Root-Bernstein
Science Sold Out, by Rebecca V. Culshaw
Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS
The AIDS Cult, by John Lauritsen & Ian Young
The AIDS War, by John Lauritsen
The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, by Michael Fumento
The Origin, Persistence and Failings of HIV/AIDS Theory, by Henry H. Bauer
What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong? by Christine Maggiore
Bulletin Board Postings
African AIDS, Advisory Panel, June 12, 2000
African AIDS, July 11, 2000
Responses to Durban Declaration
AIDS -- Letter From Bob Murray, January 11, 2001
Court decision influenced by JPH posting
AIDS Article, May 2, 2004
Online posting of "Closing Ranks," by JPH
AIDS Coverage, August 2, 2004
New York Press on Liam Scheff and Christine Maggiore
AIDS Criticism, Feb 8, 2001
By David Rasnick
AIDS Critics, June 3, 1998
Compilation of resources by John Lauritsen
AIDS Cut in Half
Statistical "errors"
But not news
AIDS Definitions, April 26, 1999
Geographical inconsistencies
AIDS Dissent, September 10, 1998
Neville Hodgkinson article
AIDS Down Under, July 13, 2007
Perth Group
Perth Group
AIDS In Africa, A Report That Doesn't Get Circulated, Feb 15, 2004
From a doctor in the field
AIDS In Africa, May 29, 2002
Anthony Brink
AIDS Miracle Drugs, Jun 8, 2001
Notes by Christine Maggiore
AIDS Politics, April 8, 2001
The sordid side
AIDS References Update, October 9, 2004
Plus quotes from noted dissenters
And Some Quotes
AIDS Skepticism, February 8, 1999
Presentation to mayor of San Francisco
AIDS Totalitarianism, February 23, 2000
Examples of tyranny
AIDS--Action on the Legal Front, Oct 15, 1999
Letter from Bob Murray to Journal of the Missouri Bar
AIDS--They Call it Science, Dec 18, 2003
Results of Scheff investigation
Feminization of AIDS, January 27, 1998
Statistical manipulations
How Can They All Be Wrong? August 8, 2002
Jeff Schmidt book on indoctrination of professionals
More Cracks in the AIDS Dam? Sep 16, 2002
Skeptical pieces in British Medical Journal
News Unworthy? January 26, 2009
Dissident summary; Gallo papers challenged; misdiagnosed syphilis?
Peter Duesberg Biography, Jan 3, 2005
Semmelweis Clean Hands Award, June 20, 2008
Peter Duesberg & Celia Farber
Some Virus Fundamentals, Feb 19, 2004
David Crowe article
Stick It To 'Em, November 23, 2007
Virology's Copernicus? April 2, 2006
Peter Duesberg
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