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Global Warming
Mailing List
No. 50, August 1, 2008
No. 52, December 12, 2008
If true, good news, not bad
JPH Non-Fiction
Environmentalist Fantasies
(Global Warming; Ozone Depletion; DDT; Radiation; Asbestos)
The Warmer, the Merrier
Lew Rockwell Column article
Heretics Books
A Primer on CO2 & Climate, by Howard C. Hayden
An Appeal to Reason, by Nigel Lawson
UK MP's evaluation
Climate Confusion, by Roy Spencer
Global Warming & Other Eco Myths, Ronald Bailey (Ed.)
Global Warming False Alarm, by Ralph Alexander
Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate, by Mihkel M. Mathiesen
Also DDT, acid rain, asbestos, ozone
Global Warming: A Guide to the Science, by Sallie Baliunas, Arthur B. Robinson, & Zachary W. Robinson
Green Hell, by Steve Milloy
The agenda behind the scares
Heaven and Earth, by Ian Plimer
Hot Talk, Cold Science, by S. Fred Singer
Meltdown by Patrick J. Michaels
Politicizing Science, Michael Gough, ed.
Red Hot Lies, by Christopher C. Horner
Shattered Consensus, by Patrick J. Michaels
The Chilling Stars, by Henrik Svensmark & Nigel Calder
Effects of cosmic rays
The Deniers, by Lawrence Solomon
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming, by Christopher C. Horner
The Real Global Warming Disaster, by Christopher Booker
The Satanic Gases by Patrick J. Michaels & Robert C. Balling Jr.
The Sky's Not Falling, by Holly Fretwell
Children's guide
Unstoppable Global Warming, by S. Fred Singer & Dennis T. Avery
Bulletin Board Postings
Broken Hockey Stick, January 16, 2005
Statistical fudging to suppress natural climate cycles
Carbon Dioxide Carnival, April 15, 2007
CO2 a minor player among greenhouse gases. Water vapor dominates by far
Carbon Reservoirs, February 2, 2006
Water vapor; warming comes first
Cooler Heads On Global Warming, March 18, 1998
Some urls
Cooling The Warming Hysteria, Aug 3, 2004
Natural cycles contradict IPCC claims; warming precedes CO2 increase
Danger--Reality Ahead, January 4, 2010
Carlin report on proposed EPS CO2 Endangerment listing
End To The Global Warming Fraud? November 29, 2009
Energy Advocate Update, Jun 18, 2000
Now influences baseball scores
Familiar Tunes, February 16, 2007
Haven't we heard this before?
Garbage In, Gospel Out, Jan 6, 1998
Observations of reality contradict computer models
Global Warming Notes, June 2, 2008
Water vapor; Oregon Petition
Global Warming Roundup, December 4, 2005
Scientific refutations; solar influence; ice scares; record cold spells; political turnabout
Global Warming Was Never A Crisis, March 16, 2009
Skeptics' conference, March, 2009
Global Warming's Agenda, October 20, 2009
Growing skepticism, and the agenda behind it all
Global Warming, July 9, 2002
A Welcome Change From The Hysteria
Global Warming, Mar 28, 2004
Science Sold Out to Politics
Global Warming, May 22, 1998
So much for the "consensus"
GW--Iceberg Nonsense, Mar 8, 1999
Giant Antarctic bergs not a record
GW--Surprise! The Media Got It Wrong, Oct 5, 2001
Richard Lindzen letter to WSJ
Hockey-Stick Hokum, August 2, 2007
Orson Card, Martin Durkin, Sci Pub Pol Inst
Hurricane Cycles, July 5, 2007
Coral study
Inconvenient Facts, October 31, 2008
Recommended sources
Inconvenient Skepticism, June 15, 2007
Rebuttal of Gore movie
Joseph & Pharaoh, May 18, 2008
Same old scam
More Globes Warming, Jun 22, 2003
Detected across the Solar System
More on Hurricanes, December 24, 2005
Ocean oscillations, not warming, drive storm cycles
New Hockey "Shtick"
Same scam tried again
Rewriting the Past, December 30, 2006
"Science" in the service of politics, suppressing inconvenient evidence
Schroedinger's Global Warming Cat, October 7, 2007
All about money
Science Comes Of Age, Dec 6, 2004
Survey of scientific papers rigged to eliminate dissenters
Seeing Through Global Warming, April 14, 2007
Political left and right agree that mainstream claims make no sense
So Much For The Warming, December 20, 2007
Cooling trend no longer deniable, so now it's "climate change"
Sun Affects Climate, Jul 11, 2004
Big surprise
The Global Warming Doctrine, March 15, 2006
Political fundamentalism drives out science
The Ice Man Cometh? Aug 31, 2002
Antarctic coastal breakups normal; continental ice thickening
The Non-Problem of Global Warming, July 16, 2008
APS conclusion--says it all
The Penitents, July 7, 2008
Unsupported claim of anthropogenic causes
The Phony Science Of Global Warming, April 14, 1998
Dissident scientists' petitions that are little reported
The Usual Suspect, December 30, 2006
Blaming GW
Thin Ice, December 29, 2006
Ice declined in 1930s; current observations show ice accumulating
Up for Grabs, August 20, 1998
Vote yourself a piece of USA
What Consensus? December 21, 2008
Dissenter lists; Petition Project; scientists' quotes
Yes, We Have No Bahamas? February 11, 2010
Sea level rise
Anything and Everything, May 7, 2008
Warmer, cooler--all the same
Arctic Meltdown, October 24, 2007
Report dated 1817
Carnival Of Clowns, December 19, 2009
Copenhagen Conference & "Climategate"
Climategate, December 10, 2009
CRU scandal
Control Freaks, January 11, 2009
Quotes by C.S. Lewis; David Huntwork; Charles Krauthammer; Tim Ball
Easy Life
Modeling skepticism
Globaloney, December 18, 2006
Climate follows sun-driven natural cycles
NASA Free-Energy Oven, December 4, 2008
Old, Familiar Tunes, February 7, 2007
Climate cycles and hysteria cycles
Prediction, July 16, 2008
Anthropogenic Solar Suppression
Seeing It As It Is, June 29, 2007
Kristen Byrne site
Straightening The Record, July 29, 2008
Arctic ice, warmest years, tax money gravy train
The Warmer, the Merrier
The unreported good side
Twiddling Elephants, January 3, 2010
Infinite flexibility of model tweaking
Unbearable? January 20,2008
Polar bears and end of warming
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