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Darwinism & Intelligent Design
JPH Novels
Code of the Lifemaker
Naturally evolving machine biosphere on Titan
The Immortality Option
Sequel to "Code of the Lifemaker"
JPH Nonfiction books
Kicking the Sacred Cow
Contains "Humanist Religion: The Rush to Embrace Darwinism"
JPH Non-Fiction
The Revealed Word of God
Militant case for Darwinism from earlier years
Evolution Revisited
Humanistic Religion: The Rush to Embrace Darwinism
Intelligence Test
Difficulties for Darwinism at the molecular level, and the scientific case for a Design alternative.
Heretics Books
Darwin on Trial
Darwin's Black Box
Evolution Under the Microscope, by David Swift
A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, by Michael Denton
The book that caused many to begin questioning Darwinism
Icons of Evolution. Science or Myth? by Jonathan Wells
Intelligent Design, by William Dembski
Nature's Destiny, by Michael J. Denton
No Free Lunch, by William Dembski
Not By Chance! by Lee Spetner
Shattering The Modern Theory of Evolution
The Design Revolution, by William A. Dembski
The Edge of Evolution, by Michael Behe
What Darwin Didn't Know
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"Darwinism & ID" category
Intelligent Design, March 18, 2002
Discussion Forum
SETI Success!
Staying Inside The Box, May 18, 2008
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