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"Global Warming"
JPH Short-Fiction
Early anti-progress movement opposes fire.
JPH Nonfiction books
Kicking the Sacred Cow
Contains sections on Asbestos; DDT; Global warming; Ozone depletion
JPH Non-Fiction
Who Says It's All Over?
Ozone Politics They Call This Science?
Fact-Free Science
Environmentalist Fantasies
(Global Warming; Ozone Depletion; DDT; Radiation; Asbestos)
Heretics Books
Eco-Imperialism: Green Power; Black Death, by Paul Driessen
Ecological Sanity, by George Claus & Karen Bolander
Facts, Not Fear: A Parent?s Guide to Teaching Children About the Environment, by Michael Sanera & Jane Shaw
Global Warming & Other Eco Myths, Ronald Bailey (Ed.)
Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate, by Mihkel M. Mathiesen
Also DDT, acid rain, asbestos, ozone
Green Hell, by Steve Milloy
Exposing the real eco agenda
Population Matters, by Julian L. Simon
Rational Readings on Environmental Concerns, by J.H. Lehr
Scared to Death, by Christopher Booker & Richard North
The Asbestos Racket, by Michael Bennett
The Holes in the Ozone Scare, by Rogelio Maduro & Ralf Schaurhammer
The Resourceful Earth, by Julian L. Simon & Herman Kahn
The Skeptical Environmentalist, by Bjorn Lomborg
The True State of the Planet
The Ultimate Resource, by Julian L. Simon
Useless Arithmetic, by Orrin Pilkey & Linda Pilkey-Jarvis
Bulletin Board Postings
Annual Dissidents' Get-Together, Jan 11, 2004
DDP meeting report
Apocaholics Anonymous, July 21, 2007
Recovering from scare addiction
Asbestos, Nov 12, 2002
Hysteria mostly baseless
Bjorn Lomborg Again, Jan 16, 2003
Bjorn Lomborg Vindicated, Jan 10, 2004
DDT Myths, February 2, 2000
Eco-Manslaughter, Sept 19, 2005
Paul Driessen interview
Environmental Lunacies, June 10, 1997
Environmentalist "Science" September 15, 1999
Models versus reality
Environmentalist Fast-Fact Source, August 29, 2002
Environmentalist Heretic-Burning, Mar 2, 2002
Bjorn Lomborg
Environmentalist Myths, Oct 3, 2001
Second thoughts by former believer
Frog Fantasies, March 12, 1998
Ozone scare nonsense
Good Environmental Book, February 10, 1998
Sanity primer for young readers
Green Gestapo, December 17, 1997
Insane court rulings
Making a Better World Through Environmentalism, Dec 24, 2000
DDT ban
My Nickel's Worth on the Shuttle, Feb 22, 2003
Asbestos link that nobody talks about
Neo-Malthusian Bloopers, Feb 23, 1998
Erlich predictions
Ozone Holes, Oct 10, 1998
Politics Masquerading As Science, January 27, 1998
Report on EPA and environmental tobacco smoke
Population Note, April 16, 1997
Defusing the "bomb" myth
Sanity and Environmentalism, Oct 21, 2001
Scared to Death, January 4, 2008
The neurotic society
Second-hand smoke: Cleaner Air With Smokers? Aug 5, 2003
Airplane & bulding air-change rates reduced
Second-hand smoke: Second-Hand Smoke Facts, Feb 10, 2002
The Perils of Premature Panic, Mar 19, 2000
Nitrates scare
WTC Collapse, May 31, 2002
Asbestos connection
Behind the Mask, August 1, 2009
Population control the real agenda
Control Freaks, January 11, 2009
Quotes by C.S. Lewis; David Huntwork; Charles Krauthammer; Tim Ball
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