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Minds, Machines & Evolution
Mixed short fiction and nonfiction
JPH Novels
Endgame Enigma
Espionage aboard a Soviet space habitat
Out of Time
Realtime Interrupt
How to escape from a virtual world?
The Infinity Gambit
Counterterrorism & Insurgency
The Mirror Maze
Establishment bid to destroy new Administration based on Libertarian ideals
The Multiplex Man
Personality/Identity switching in a dystopian future
The Proteus Operation
Mission through time to reshape World War 2
JPH Short-Fiction
The Absolutely Foolproof Alibi
Perfection can have its problems.
Down to Earth
Sir Isaac meets Galileo (One-act play).
Fortune Cookie
The Cosmic Code Decoded.
Generation Gap
Kids despair at modern-day adults.
Inside Story
Secret government plot revealed.
The Apollo Program was a Soviet set-up.
Making Light
God's problems with the celestial bureaucracy.
Early anti-progress movement opposes fire.
The Pacifist
Assassinating Hitler to save the future.
Rules Within Rules
Number theory provides the guide for living
Silver Shoes for a Princess
Little girl and robot have the same problem.
Till Death Us Do Part
Remote-controlled murder scheme backfires.
JPH Non-Fiction
Minds, Machines, and Evolution
The symbolic manipulation AI paradigm -- Essay
The Revealed Word of God
Militant case for Darwinism from earlier years
Earth Models -- on a Plate
Getting Here from There
Knowledge is a Mind-Altering Drug
Discovering Hyperspace
More on Replication
How Long Should a Piece of String Be?
Going Full Time
Bulletin Board Postings
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