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No. 33, November 26, 2005
No. 35, January 23, 2006
No. 36, April 4, 2006
JPH Short-Fiction
The Absolutely Foolproof Alibi
Perfection can have its problems.
The ultimate interrogation device
The Colonizing of Tharle
A planet with no government and crazy economics.
A time machine can make things so complicated.
Decontamination Squad
The latest accomplishment of do-good intergalactic meddlers.
Down to Earth
Sir Isaac meets Galileo (One-act play).
The Falcon
Strange escape from a world of nightmares.
Generation Gap
Kids despair at modern-day adults.
The Guardians
"Unbeatable" alien nano-tech weaponry meets its match.
Identity Crisis
Gender-switch antics.
Jailhouse Rock
Early "Knight" military caper.
Last Ditch
The perfect game of chess has unexpected consequences.
The Apollo Program was a Soviet set-up.
Madam Butterfly
Tiny acts can have huge consequences.
Making Light
God's problems with the celestial bureaucracy.
Early anti-progress movement opposes fire.
The Pacifist
Assassinating Hitler to save the future.
Rules Within Rules
Number theory provides the guide for living
Silver Shoes for a Princess
Little girl and robot have the same problem.
Sword of Damocles
Using a time machine to blackmail the future.
Take Two
An underclass of consumer robots discover religion.
Till Death Us Do Part
Remote-controlled murder scheme backfires.
The Tree of Dreams
Idyllic world targeted for "cultural advancement" prefers to remain undiscovered
Zap Thy Neighbor
Sure enough, the meek inherit the Earth.
Silver Gods from the Sky
Planetfall and the first encounters with other life for the children and their robot protectors
Three Domes and a Tower
The space children discover a strange affinity for the lost civilization that once inhabited the world that is their new home.
The Stillness Among the Stars
How does a robot deal with the realization that his lifetime companion is mortal?
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