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Issue Number : 9 - NORWESCON, Paths to Otherwhere Auction

NORWESCON, Paths to Otherwhere Auction

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Issue # 9 - May 2, 2000
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Some personal commitments earlier in the year made me uncertain whether I'd be able to make it or not, but I have, a little late in the day, been able to accept an invitation to attend the Norwescon S.F. convention at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Hotel, April 20-23. For details see the Web Site "What's New". This is always a good convention, well attended, with plenty of well-known names.


Hardback edition available from on-line auction, signed or personalized if required. Collectors and others who missed the original publication in February, 1996 can bid for a copy on-line at Ebay.

For a description of the book, including summary and sample chapters, see the Web Site title page.


Recent postings on the Web Site board include items on:

  • BBC report on possible origin of planets from gas giants-was Velikovsky on the right track?
  • At readers' request, source list for science topics touched on in Cradle of Saturn.
  • Putting right some of the myths regarding DDT
  • Totalitarianism drawing nearer

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