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Issue Number : 6 - Minds, Machines & Evolution Rereleased

Minds, Machines & Evolution Rereleased

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Issue # 6 - February 7, 2000
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We're still catching up after a spate of computer woes. The following should have been sent out in December to coincide with release of the book. However, there should still be plenty of copies out there to satisfy latecomers.


A collection of short fiction, nonfiction, and biographical anecdotes first published by Bantam in 1988 and one of the most asked-after titles since it went out of print. Now reissued by Baen Books as a companion volume to Rockets, Redheads & Revolution, with afterwords added where appropriate to reflect updates that seem applicable today.

Another collection of masterpieces. I was so impressed by "Know Nukes" that I wrote a short 5-Star review at Amazon.com before I finished the book. [It] should be translated into all languages, understood and globally debated. I rarely discuss nuclear power with anyone, because nobody wants to listen to the facts. I worked my way through college at General Atomics in San Diego back in the 60s, and learned so much from the real experts.

-P.S. La Mesa, California

I bought Minds, Machines and Evolution yesterday, and to me "Silver Shoes for a Princess" is by far the finest SF short story I have ever come across, in 25 years of reading SF.

-D.K., Ireland

ISBN 0-671-57843-X Paperback, 365 pp. $6.99 U.S. ($9.99 Canada)

More information, including summary, samples, and on-line ordering links here.


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