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Issue Number : 56 - Bookstore, Bulletin Board, Heretics Catalog, New Projects

TO: JAMES P. HOGAN MAILING LIST -- January 12, 2010

When I checked the Mailing List Archives, I found it hard to believe that we hadn't put out a mailing since September 21, 2009, and I actually e-mailed a reader to check on the last he'd received in case it had failed to store for some reason. But sure enough, that was the last one. I guess I've been busier than I realized. Although, I was in the States from October into November, after which came the holiday lunacy, in the course of which western Ireland, along with seemingly just about all of the northern hemisphere, was frozen under global warming, including our water supply here at the farm, which has now been off for over a week. Before the line froze, the water had been intermittently on and off for several days owing to the reservoirs being uncommonly low. How this could happen just a couple of weeks after widespread national flooding is beyond me.


But apart from all that, we have some good news. For those who have been following these mailings for the last 100 years or so, this may come as something of a shock, but We have finally reinstated the "ManyWorlds" online ordering section of the Bookstore! After horror stories more numerous than I care to mention involving developers having hissy fits when one dared query a price quote, or who apparently never read anything that was sent to them, oldest son Alex--who created the original site in the first place, while he was at high school--stepped in and took care of the problem. To check it out, go to Bookstore on the Menu Bar, then "JPH Titles/Novels," which brings up a listing of all the editions of my books, along with links to where they are currently available from. Clicking any "ManyWorlds" link will take you into the ManyWorlds catalog page. Or you can go there directly by clicking here.

Since the time we originally added ManyWorlds, the USPS scrapped its surface mail and after that raised its rates again, so the shipping costs for people outside the US and Canada are somewhat prohibitive. There's nothing we can do about that, and I'm told that many businesses that handle lot of overseas book sales have suffered because of it. To help out in such situation, we also list links to titles carried by amazon.co.uk, which means that readers in Europe and elsewhere can benefit by ordering more locally. One of our next projects will be to emulate this by holding a stock of JPH titles here in Ireland, which still offers a discounted book rate on overseas mailing. So look out for further developments.

In the meantime, any comments, suggestions, and criticisms of course, are welcome.

Other news:


The distractions above contributed to perhaps less than normal being posted on the Bulletin Board in the last couple of months. The pieces that did make it, however, offer comments on:

  • The irrationality of fears heard concerning nuclear power. This was prompted by some of the responses I received to an article on the Lew Rockwell Column entitled Nuclear No-Contest, mentioned in the last mailing letter.
  • My nickel's worth on reasons for voting No in Ireland's vote on the Lisbon treaty--which obviously I couldn't have expressed clearly enough, since the country's vote was a decisive Yes.
  • More double-standards at work in the unending tribulations of the people of Gaza
  • Heroic defense of hearth and home against rampaging of savage wild beast

And pieces here, here, and here on the rapidly unraveling global warming fraud. I know I've said several times that I wouldn't post anything more on GW because there wasn't much left to say, but the subject refuses to go away and revelations just keep getting better.

Lew Rockwell was taken by the GW items and pressed me for another article on the subject, which is now posted on LRC as The Settled Science


Also in connection with this topic--see, I just can't seem to get away from it--We have three new titles added to the Heretics section of the Bookstore:

We've also added four new books on nuclear energy, Index links posted here


It looks as if this is going to be a busy year. Baen Books have requested outlines for two new novels, and we've contracted with Hadley Rille Books for a book-length collection of short stories to be delivered this summer. More on these anon, as details become clearer.

I've received a steady input of requests and inquiries concerning electronic and audio versions of the books. With the Bookstore finally reinstated, we explect to see considerable activity in both these areas during the months ahead. Also, some much-requested additions to the site, such as a picture gallery (the number of requests for pics of the Zeppelin Shed has been astonishing; nobody seems especially curious about the house), and a long overdue organizing of the Links page. Which about brings us up to date for now.

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all.

With thanks again to all

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