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Issue Number : 55 - Nuclear energy article in Lew Rockwell Column

TO: JPH Mailing List

September 21, 2009


I've alway been strongly of the opinion that nuclear energy is the only way to power the 21st century that makes any sense. A piece entitled Nuclear No-Contest just published online at the Lew Rockwell Column explains why.

Responses have been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive. Some examples:

"Excellent article. This has provided me with the absolute best information I have ever received on the subject. Thanks so much."

"Thank you for setting the record straight. People need to hear more of this. . . . Needless to say, your article is going into my archives for future use. I hope to see more from your pen."

"This was an outstanding article on nuclear power well thought out and very interesting! I served aboard 2 nuclear submarines and do believe in using nuclear power."

"Great article! You are one of my favorite authors because to take on the accepted “truths” of our society and shine the light of reason on them."

"Your point about the degree of energy concentration density is crucially important and I think unique. This entire article ought to be MUST READING for every politician, every newspaper editor and radio/TV operator. Your points are razor sharp in their correctness and are necessary if humanity is to progress. . . . BRAVO. This is magnificent."

"Add my note to your long list of those thanking you for an outstanding treatment of the subject of nuclear power. I learned much, both in fact and method of presentation. Your work (both fiction and non-fiction) merits the very highest respect, and has all of mine."

"I consider myself a reasonably well-informed reader in the broad field of energy, but you put things into new focus for me in terms of energy density and the ripple-on effects. . . . Thank you for your wonderfully researched and extremely well-written article."

"I've worked in the nuclear industry for 34 years now, building them, maintaining them and, for the last 16 years protecting them and the people that work in them from fires and spills. This is absolutely the best summation of the advantages of nuclear and disadvantages of everything else that I've seen in all that time."

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Bests as always

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