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Issue Number : 51 - Three Special Offers

To the James P Hogan Mailing List

September 1, 2008

Three Special Offers

An item that's still outstanding is to get the ManyWorlds ordering page on the web site up and running again, which involves straightening out some confusion left by the last developer to have worked on it. To be honest, it hasn't been high on the priority list this summer. On the farm, we finally broke through from the extension that has been under construction for about a hundred years into the main cottage.

The delusion of most of the work being thereby more or less finished was swiftly demolished by the seemingly endless list of chores that presented themselves, along with a lot of backed-up outside work after an unusually wet winter, even for Ireland's Leitrim County, which must rival those spots on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State and somewhere in the Amazon headwaters region where the rain is reputed literally to never stop. (I don't buy the business about never splitting infinitives, which I consider to be a superstition that derives from the times when education was equated to conversance with Latin, in which the infinitive is one word.)

In the meantime, we are offering three special-price deals, available for shipping to the US & Canada and elsewhere: _The Cradle of Saturn_; End-of-the world scenario in which Earth is all but wiped out in a close encounter with a white-hot proto-planet ejected from Jupiter. It's sequel, _The Anguished Dawn_; A mission from the colony established among Saturn's moons returns to a much-changed Earth after the calamity to begin the task of rebuilding. And a combined offer of both books together. Detail of all three offers can be accessed via the Announcements section of the Home page at jamesphogan.com

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