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Issue Number : 50 - Electric Universe, Web Site, Global Warming, Other Additions, Life on the Farm

TO: The James P. Hogan.com Mailing List

August 1, 2008


I'm very pleased to report that an article of mine entitled "Electricity Powers the Universe" has been published online at the widely read Lew Rockwell Column. The introductory note reads:

"Electricity is an immensely more powerful force than gravity, and far more complex in the ways it interacts with matter. Yet modern astronomy remains wedded to a belief in gravity as the dominant mover and shaper of the universe, and seeks to explain new observations in terms that conceptually go back hundreds of years. James Hogan describes an emerging alternative theory that recognizes the important role played by electricity on cosmic scales, offering explanations based on principles that are well understood and demonstrable in laboratories, without need of recourse to unobserved, untestable physics or speculative mathematical abstractions."

The piece has generated a lot of mail, overwhelmingly enthusiastic and expressing much interest to learn more. Many professionals who responded confided that they have harbored doubts about "dark, matter," "dark energy," and such other speculative abstractions for a long time. Full article posted at http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig9/hogan1.html

I still have a proposal in the works for a popular-level, book-length treatment of the subject, based broadly on the material covered in the talk "Cosmic Electricity," accessible with a Power Point file of the associated slides at http://www.jamesphogan.com/talks/talks.php Responses from the publishers that we've approached so far range from not seeing anything especially new in it (!) to a general nervousness at the prospect of incurring wrath and retribution from the scientific establishment. Some have indicated a cautious interest, but would like to see endorsement from mainline astronomy. I wouldn't guess there's a lot of chance of that--but we're carrying on trying. More news before too much longer, hopefully.


As some no doubt noticed, the Site Search facility that we originally had disappeared for a while due to technical problems. We've now reinstated it in the form of Google's site and web search tool, which does the job just fine of returning the locations of any entered string. That's good for someone who knows that a topic or a phrase appears somewhere, but can't remember where they saw it. But that's not a lot of use for finding something on the site that you had no reason to know was in there--a name like Charles Mackay, or the subject of asbestos, for example. So along with Search, we also have an extensive Site Index at http://www.jamesphogan.com/siteindex/, referenced by keywords. Used together,the two offer a powerful means for quickly getting to the various things we've touched on over the years. Good for an hour of browsing on a rainy Sunday afternoon, maybe.


I've resolved several times not to say anymore on this because it's all been said. But as the ideologically-driven global hysteria floats away toward total disconnect from science and reality, it's impossible not to try and inject a nickel's worth toward preserving some balance. Nothing that the climate could do in the next hundred years troubles me in the least. The damage that over-zealous and apparently technically innumerate politicians are capable of doing is terrifying.

Recent Home Page Comments and Bulletin Board postings on the subject include:

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The Big Day actually happened! We broke through from the extension, connecting it through to the main cottage. So while there are the usual seemingly endless list of decorating and tidying up chores to attend to, the additional new living space is finally in use--and much appreciated. Many readers have been asking for pictures of the place, and especially the famed Zeppelin Shed. We do plan on adding a picture gallery to the site, but I've been holding off on it until present glitches have been fixed--especially with regard to the ManyWorlds Bookstore, which is currently offline. No "Paddy Factor" anecdotes to report this time, either. It all went fairly smoothly. The next major adventure will be getting things straight around the outside, involving redoing the patio area, where all the grades tilt the wrong way, and the drains are in the high spots, standing proudly and uselessly above the accumulated water level when it rains, and adapting a pair of dilapidated cowsheds into something functional. More of which, no doubt, anon.

Thanks to all

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