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Issue Number : 49 - Special Offers, Other News



It's been a while since the last news letter went out. A contributing factor was some ongoing snags with the web site. I kept putting off the next news letter in anticipation of being able to report that we'd fixed them, but to date that's still in the works. The upshot is that a departing developer left some loose ends in the Bookstore that didn't surface until afterward, and we decided to close the ManyWorlds on-site ordering system until they're taken care of. However, a new hardback, Moonflower has been released that we would have liked to offer via ManyWorlds. So what we've done instead is make it the subject of a special-offer deal for $17.00 including shipping. Along with it, we're also offering the previous hardback, Echoes of an Alien Sky at the same price, and a combined offer of one of each for $28.00, including shipping.

Orders can be electronically via PayPal or by Mail Order, but for logistics reasons are only available for shipment to addresses in the U.S. or Canada at present. PayPal accept any currency, while for Mail Orders to us, we have priced the options to allow payment in US dollars or euros. Hence people in Europe can have the convenience of ordering in euros, say for gifts to be sent to U.S./Canada recipients.

More special-offer deals will be announced from time to time, and we intend extending the choices to include shipment to other parts of the world at similarly competitive rates.


The other contributing factor to the absence of news letters has been that there hasn't been a lot new going on to report. We have a new novel under way, provisionally entitled The Migration, which has been keeping me relatively quiet, and work has been progressing on the cottage renovaton/extension project here in western Ireland. More information on both these items is posted on the News Page.

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