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Issue Number : 47 - Web site Feedback Mailing Glitch, "Jailhouse Rock" Audio Adaptation

TO: The James P. Hogan.com Mailing List

October 28, 2007

Web site Feedback Mailing Glitch

We've had a considerable amount of work going on behind the scenes at the web site. Unfortunately, in the course of this a link that directs Feedback mail was inadvertently left pointing to the site used for development instead of to the online site, with the result that mail sent during the past several weeks disappeared down a hole. So if anyone has written during that time and hasn't seen a reply, it might be an idea to send a copy if possible.

"Jailhouse Rock" Audio Adaptation

Variant Frequency have produced a two-part audio adaptation of the short story "Jailhouse Rock," concerning an early episode in the life of the "Knight," Kieran Thane, which originally appeared in the Baen Books anthology Cosmic Stories: Adventures in the Solar System, June 2004. Reactions have been very enthusiastic, and for those interested the relevant links are: Part 1 and Part 2.

Thanks to all, as always.


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