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Issue Number : 35 - Short Stories Online, Kicking The Sacred Cow, Mission To Minerva, Echoes Of An Alien Sky, Guestbook, Heretics' Bookstore, Benelux Convention


Several readers have asked about online editions of my short fiction--especially of earlier stories that can be difficult to find these days. Well, we've finally done something about it and placed a list of them with Fictionwise. The titles currently available are:

The Colonizing of Tharle
Decontamination Squad
Down to Earth
The Falcon
The Guardians
Generation Gap
Identity Crisis
Jailhouse Rock
Last Ditch
Madam Butterfly
Making Light
Merry Gravmas
Out Of Time
The Pacifist
Sword of Damocles
Till Death Us Do Part
The Tree of Dreams
Zap Thy Neighbor

The following titles will be added shortly:

The Absolutely Foolproof Alibi
Rules Within Rules
Silver Shoes For a Princess
Take Two

Links to the relevant Fictionwise order pages and to the JPH Author page at Fictionwise appear in the Short Fiction section of the Bibliography page at this site. We will also be adding a Short Fiction section to the Bookstore--which Tim Gelason is still in the process of untangling after the last improvements.


The mass-market paperback edition that a lot of people seem to have been waiting for is now scheduled for release by Baen Books in July, 2006. It has been getting some nice responses.


Mass-market paperback edition scheduled for release by Baen Books in October, 2006.


Accepted by Baen, so we have now added a Title Page to the site, giving the background and a summary, along with some sample chapter extracts. Scheduled as a Baen hardcover for spring 2007, month to be advised.

GUESTBOOK -- Unwelcome Guests

Some of you may have noticed that the site Guestbook is closed for the time being. It had become a dumping ground for too much garbage from spam-bots, to the point where cleaning it out was looking as if it could become a full-time job. It's due to be replaced by a new "Guest Forum" that will be more resistant to that kind of thing--of which, more in due course.


A lot of people have commented that the Heretics Books section of the Bookstore seems to have stagnated, and asked when we'll be adding more titles again. I do have quite a list backed up, but while Tim is still in the process of straightening it out, I don't want to add to the workload. Some have told me that the Bookstore looks fine. Well, yes, it looks it from the outside. But it's a bit like those buildings on Main Street in those old Western towns in the movies--a passable frontage, but you don't want to know what's behind. We have the results of three generations of programming interacting in a way reminiscent of what logicians call a "tangled hierarchy." The first thing on the list is to make it possible to list the JPH titles and teretics titles separately--as we used to be able to. Expanding the Heretics list further will be right after that.


I'm privileged to have been invited to be the Guest of Honor at this year's Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg convention, ConVentus 2006, to be held on the weekend of November 24-26. I receive a considerable amount of mail from appreciative readers in that part of the world. Hope to meet many of you.

That's it for now. Once again, my thanks for your continuing interest.

James P. Hogan

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