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Issue Number : 34 - Bookstore December Special Offers

UK "Giants" series editions available as special packages deals. Three options on offer. Click here for details.

Catastrophes, Creation & Convolution Third mixed collection of short fiction and nonfiction is now available in the stores and from this site as a December release by Baen Books.

"Why Do Readers Always Ask?" Article in January-February issue of Analog, now in the stores also.


The developer who was putting together the new site is no longer with us, and we're left with a peculiar mixture of both new and old that Tim Gleason is in the process of trying to untangle. So not all of the things that were confidently promised as being imminent are imminent. More soon on this when I know more myself. At least, you also get some free entertainment when visiting here.

Best wishes to all for Christmas and the Holidays.

James Hogan

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