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Issue Number : 32 - NEW WEB SITE


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Issue #32 - Oct 08, 2005
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The upgraded version of the web site that I've been promising for about a hundred years is finally up and running. In fact, it has been running in test mode alongside the old site on the same server for some time now. As the next step before going live, we'd like to invite subscribers to this Mailing List to preview the new site - click here and let us know any problems, likes, don't-likes, or further suggestions before finally switching over from the old system.

In particular, check out the Site Index and Search functions, discussion thread capabilities on the Bulletin Board Category pages & new Guest Forum, and restyled Home Page.

Note, however, that since it would be unmanageable to have two versions of the Order Catalog running in parallel (regular casual visitors will still be routed to the old site), clicking on the new site's "Bookstore" button will take you into the present book ordering system. This will change when the old site is phased out.

Enjoy the tour. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again to all for your ongoing interest.

James P. Hogan

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