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Issue Number : 3 - Rockets, Redheads & Revolution release announcement

Rockets, Redheads & Revolution release announcement

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Issue # 3 - April 14, 1999
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A new collection of James P. Hogan shorter works, entitled Rockets, Redheads & Revolution is in the stores for April from Baen Books. Consisting of a mixture of fiction, nonfiction essays, and biographical anecdotes, the volume is styled along similar lines to the popular "Minds, Machines & Evolution," which was published by Bantam in 1988. Fiction includes "Madam Butterfly" from Tor's 1997 anthology Free Space, "Zap Thy Neighbor" from the How to Save the World collection, 1995, Out of Time, originally published as a stand-alone novella by Bantam . . . and more. The nonfiction content offers skepticism on the ozone-hole scare, the official line on AIDS, the ability of natural selection to account for evolution, and some thoughts on why the very success of the Apollo program might have made it a disaster. Read also Hogan's personal experiences of the hazards of being a guest at science-fiction conventions, moving home from California to Ireland, and his claim for bringing about the real cause of the Soviet empire's collapse.

The earlier collection, Minds, Machines & Evolution is also due to be rereleased by Baen as a companion volume, date to be announced.


ISBN 0-671-57807-3 Paperback, 343 pp. $6.99 U.S. ($9.99 Canada)

For more information, including author comment, contents list and samples, and on-line ordering links, see James P. Hogan's web site at this page.

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