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Issue Number : 29 - Kicking the Sacred Cow: Missing References - News - Web Site

Kicking the Sacred Cow: Missing References - News - Web Site

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Issue #29 - February 19, 2005
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KICKING THE SACRED COW -- Missing References

It looks as if about a page and a half of material somehow got lost from the Hardback release (July, 2004) of Kicking the Sacred Cow. On Page 354 of "References and Further Reading," the last entry that appears is "Ransom, Steven, and Phillip Day, 2000 . . ." A further seven entries should have followed this to complete the entries for Section 6, on AIDS, and a further twelve entries for the "Afterword" Section. There's little we can do now apart from making sure that these are included in the mass-market paperback -- release date to be announced. However, we have posted the omitted references for anyone needing them. Click here to see the list.

Apologies to all. And thanks to those who drew our attention to this. We blame the computer, naturally.


This is a good time to mention that the paperback edition of The Anguished Dawn, the sequel to Cradle of Saturn was released last month and is getting good responses. Starlog enthuses that "it is more entertaining than the prequel," by which I hope they don't mean that Cradle wasn't. Landen Keene and the survivors after Athena's close encounter with Earth return from the Kronian colony at Saturn five years after the devastation to reconnoiter and assess prospects for rebuilding. Amazingly, there are survivors, though already reverted to savagery and dominated by a younger contingent with no memory of the world that existed before. The potential exists to found a new civilization based on different values, guided by the knowledge and sciences that have been preserved at Kronia. But the survivors also include Terrans accustomed to the taste of wielding power, who know only the old ways.

As a February release from Baen we have Cosmic Tales: Adventures in the Far Future, an anthology of hard SF tales edited by Toni Weisskopf, who is doing a splendid job in this department, reminiscent of the collections put together by Judy-Lynn Del Rey. (For those who missed it, the previous volume in this series was Cosmic Tales: Adventures in Sol System, June, 2004.) The current collection includes a story of mine called "The Tree of Dreams," which I quite like. A mission to bring "cultural advancement" to the planet Lydia arrives from Earth, which means being "developed" and exploited for the benefit of profit-hungry investors back home. It seems that the happy inhabitants and their idyllic world are defenseless in the face of determined organizational power deploying technologies far in advance of their simple agricultural ways and quaint religion. But it turns out that the natives have dealt with this kind of thing before.


Richard Mulligan and Declan Glynn have been doing a terrific job of remodeling the web site, which we now have running on a test URL. Sheryl and I are just back from the Capricon convention in Chicago, where sons Alex and Joe, and Sheryl's daughter Lyndsey were able to make it too, along with the site administrator Tim Gleason, accompanied by Sally Bunnell. We had a wonderful time and met some great people -- very much recommended for con-goers, especially those who like parties -- and once the more immediate demands are attended to, I'll be able to take a closer look at the new site. But from what I saw before we left, there will be an impressive discussion thread capability for those who have been asking for means of discussing site (and any other) topics and maybe getting to know others with similar interests. All Bulletin Board posts will potentially become starting points for discussion threads, and that facility is linked in turn into a wider "Forum" (we're thinking of calling it "Hogan's Irish Pub") that subsumes and replaces the former Guestbook. More soon, when we are ready to open it up.

Thanks again to all for your ongoing interest.

James P. Hogan
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