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Issue Number : 24 - Special Offer: Kicking the Sacred Cow, New Short Story, Web Site Administrator Notes

Special Offer: Kicking the Sacred Cow, New Short Story, Web Site Administrator Notes

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Issue #24 - July 2, 2004
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Kicking the Sacred Cow: Questioning the Unquestionable and Thinking the Impermissible is now in the stores. The first responses to it that I've received have been very favorable. As a special, we're offering 10 copies in the Order Catalog at a reduced price of $15 against the regular $24. First come, first served.

Good luck!
James Hogan


A short story contained in the July-release Baen Books anthology Visions of Liberty, on the theme of societies that function without governments. How do you colonize a planet when you can't find anyone who runs it? And what kind of a crazy economic system has the buyer trying to bid the price up, while the seller is haggling them down?


Recently, we have been working to patch holes here and there within the site. For example, we've just finished going through each and every Bulletin Board posting for the purpose of updating or correcting content and fixing broken or outdated links.

In the future, if you happen to find broken links or other problems anywhere in the site, please report them directly to us using the address appearing in the following paragraph.

A special eMail account has been set up to enable visitors to report problems with the site. That address is SiteProblems@jamesphogan.com (you can copy-and-paste the address into your eMail client if your mail program doesn't come up automatically when you click on the link). Please use this link only to report site problems, as this mail comes directly to us and does not go to Jim.

Please do not post site problems in the guestbook, since we may not see them right away. While Jim looks at the guestbook frequently, we do not.

If you have suggestions, questions or comments regarding content, books or anything not a site-related problem, please direct them to Jim by means of the "Feedback" link.

A final note: Some time ago, our Beta testers made us aware of a problem with the Many Worlds Ordering Catalog that is affecting a very small number of users. Clicking on a title link within the ordering pages generates bad URLs containing forward and back slashes as well as other browser-unfriendly characters. This seems to happen most often with MACs running Mozilla-type browsers, but also has been reported by users on Wintel systems (although this seems to be very rare) We are aware of the problem, and Alex is working to resolve it.

James P. Hogan
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