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Issue Number : 23 - The Heretics' Bookstore, Other News

The Heretics' Bookstore, Other News

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Issue #23 - June 9, 2004
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I'm finally able to announce that the Heretics' Bookstore that we've been anticipating for a long time has now been added to the Web Site Order Catalog. Many of the postings on the Bulletin Board have mentioned books on controversial areas of science that I sometimes comment on, or other topics of interest, but as the volume accumulates over the years, they become scattered. The Heretics' Bookstore brings them together in one place, along with some additions where appropriate, and provides links for further information and direct ordering.

At present the Departments we've set up mirror the main Topic divisions of the Bulletin Board, but this will probably change as the selection grows. Titles include Seeing Red by Halton Arp, The Big Bang Never Happened, by Eric Lerner, Inventing The AIDS Virus, by Peter Duesberg, Evolution: A Theory In Crisis, by Michael Denton, Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky, by Charles Ginenthal, and The Space Elevator, by Bradley C. Edwards and Eric A. Westling, which gives a feel for the range of subjects. We will be adding to these as time goes on, but it seemed preferable to get something up sooner to at least consolidate what had appeared on the Bulletin Board so far. I hope in particular that it will prove convenient to those who write asking for background reading on some of the topics I discuss.

One thing that's slowing down the addition of further titles for the time being is that the bulk of my library is still in boxes stacked in the zeppelin shed, pending the bringing of the farm to a habitable condition. The good news on this score is that I took a drive out from Sligo today (Tuesday June 8) to view progress there, and the entire crew were present at one time, going great guns, with things starting to shape up. So I'd expect to be moving out of the flat above the pizza parlor within the next month or so.

In the meantime, and thereafter, suggestions for further titles as additions to the list are welcome.


The next major enhancement we expect to see to the site will be an improved search capability. Oldest son Alex, in Orlando, FL, is looking into this, but I got an e-mail from him today saying that he's smitten with conjunctivitis. I -- the writer -- had to look it up. It sounded to me like some kind of grammatical inability.

Kicking the Sacred Cow has been put back a month to a July release, I'm told.

The Fifth Book in the Giants Series has had a title change, after the editorial staff at Baen Books came back and said they thought my Multiverse: Mission to Minerva was a bit longwinded. I agreed, and now it's just Mission to Minerva, which on reflection I think I prefer.

James P. Hogan
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