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Issue Number : 20 - Book Ordering from the JPH Web Site!

Book Ordering from the JPH Web Site!

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Issue #20 - December 11, 2003
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The Order Page that people have been waiting long and patiently for is now up and running, with the capability of handling orders either electronically using Paypal or via mail. We've had it running on a test site for a while, and the people who have checked it out for us agree that Alex has done a great job.

At present, the page carries the range of current in-print JPH English language titles, along with a limited number of earlier editions difficult to find elsewhere. Some used-quality copies are also available at reduced prices.

Special Offer:

To launch the new page: Paths to Otherwhere Hardback, $10.00 plus shipping.

Foreign Language Editions

We continue to receive inquiries from time to time on obtaining foreign-language editions, and will be adding a further section offering the titles available.

Further additions to the site are in the works, more of which soon.

And this would be an appropriate time for us at jamesphogan.com to wish all our readers and correspondents a Merry Gravmas!.

James P. Hogan
Tim Gleason
Alex Hogan
Tina Grant
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