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Issue Number : 2 - New Release of Voyage From Yesteryear

New Release of Voyage From Yesteryear

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Issue # 2 - March 18, 1999
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A reissue of James P. Hogan's 1983 Prometheus award winner, "Voyage from Yesteryear," is included in the March 1999 titles from Baen Books.

An Earth set in the next century seems set to press the button for the Big One. If it happens, the only chance for our species to survive would be by preserving a sliver of itself elsewhere, which in practical terms means another star system There isn't time to organize a manned expedition, but a robot exploratory vessel is under construction to make the first crossing to the Centauri system. With a a crash program, it could be modified could carry sets of human genetic data coded electronically, along with a complement of incubator/nanny/tutor robots to convert the electronic data back into chemistry and raise the ensuing infants when a habitable world is discovered. By the time we meet the "Chironians," their culture is into its fifth generation.

In the meantime, Earth managed in the end to muddle through. The fun begins when a generation ship housing a population of thousands arrives to "reclaim" the colony on behalf of the authoritarian regime that emerged following the crisis period. The Mayflower II brings with it all the proven apparatus for bringing a recalcitrant population to heel, from traditional authority structures and social institutions to raw military force. But what happens when these methods encounter a population that has never been conditioned to respond?

"Voyage from Yesteryear is a study in psychological opposites . . . yet its heroes are never stereotyped, and its villains are never reduced to caricature. The final outcome has more surprising plot twists than even the informed reader may suspect."

-Reason magazine

". . . a good story, clearly told and intelligently based, with enough action and intrigue to keep it moving through its considerable length. Classic?and classy?science fiction indeed."


ISBN 0-671-57798-0 Paperback, 382 pp. $6.995 U.S. ($9.99 Canada)

For more information, including author comment, sample chapters, and on-line ordering links, see James P. Hogan's web site at this page. (Also, learn how this book was the real reason behind the fall of the Soviet empire.) HOGAN INTERVIEW ON-LINE AT SFREVU

The February issue of the on-line review magazine SFRevu features an interview with James P. Hogan by host Ernest Lilley, along with some background on the forthcoming July title CRADLE OF SATURN and a review of OUTWARD BOUND, also released in March 1999 by Tor Books. See http://members.aol.com/SFRevu

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