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Issue Number : 16 - Latest Book Finished, Rereleases, Current Projects, Bulletin Board

Latest Book Finished, Rereleases, Current Projects, Bulletin Board

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Issue #16 - July 26, 2002
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Well, finally, after all the disruptions and distractions on the personal front that plagued last year, the sequel to Cradle of Saturn that people have been nagging me about is done. Entitled The Anguished Dawn, the final version weighed in at about 130,000 words and has been scheduled, I'm told, for release by Baen Books in the Summer of 2003. For more details, including some background, a summary of the book, and some sample excerpts, see the new Title page that's been added to the "Novels" section under "Bibliography" on the web page.

It ended up taking a little longer than I anticipated in the last newsletter, which I see to my embarrassment was back in February. An additional factor that held it up was due to youngest son, Joe, who enrolled in Junior College at the beginning of the year to study classical guitar, composition, and piano. That meant he needed an instrument to practice on at home. So I go one for him, and, of course, couldn't keep my hands off it. So after a trip to Barnes & Noble for some beginner books, I've been teaching myself to play and finding it totally addictive. Even coming back to Ireland in June didn't help, because one of the first things I did on arriving back in Sligo was buy a Yamaha to put in my place here, and . . . well, the manuscript for The Anguished Dawn finally went off yesterday. But truly, I'm impressed by the quality of sound that they're putting into electronic pianos these days. So I suppose I must retract a statement I've made on occasions that everything invented since I turned 50 was unnecessary, and the world would probably have been better of without.

Aside from Joe, oldest son, Alex, has taken a job with Turbine Entertainment Software in Massachusetts, which I'm told is top-line in the games business, and middle son Mike joined the U.S. Marines in June. So while I'm slaving over a laptop in northwest Ireland by the sea, he's living it up as a guest of the government in boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina. Since I've mentioned the sons (I keep getting asked these things by readers, so thought I'd include a little here this time) I'd better not leave the daughters out. I have three of those too. Jane (grandkids Peter and Leanne) manages an old folks home in Yorkshire, over in the UK, and husband John is on the staff of a mental institution. (I don't know if you're supposed to call them that these days, but since I don't know either what's approved, it will have to do.) With some of the stories he can tell over a pint or two, he should be writing a book. Tina (grandson Mark), also married, lives in Venice, CA, and runs her own web business while her husband Gordon makes boats, catches lobsters, and renovates Harley Davidsons. Debbie, Jane's twin, lives up in the Colorado mountains and was running a tree-service company with her husband Jay, but sadly we lost him to an untreatable brain tumor not long ago. But she's doing okay.


Continuing with the great job they're doing of keeping the backlist in print, Baen have acquired the rights to The Genesis Machine. Scientists working on a new model of fundamental physics that involves strange entities in multidimensional spaces produce the ultimate super-weapon and in the process stumble on the answers to "hyperspace." This goes back to the late 70s, one of the books I wrote immediately following Inherit the Stars. I'm told it's still listed as required reading in some physics classes.


With the hold up on Anguished Dawn, these are still Truth Under Tyranny, a nonfiction look at repressive science. I've been getting lots of inquiries on the progress of that one; and a third collection along the lines of Minds, Machines & Evolution, and Rockets, Redheads & Revolution, tentatively to be called, Chaos, Catastrophism, & Convolution.

Where we go after that, I'm not sure at this stage. I have many requests for another in the "Giants" series, featuring our friends Vic Hunt and Chris Danchekker. The two most popular suggestions seem to be "Koriel's Story," involving the group of Minervans stranded on the Moon who made it to Earth and founded the human race; and something set in "Charlie's" time on pre-break-up Minerva. Since in the bizarre physics of Giants' Star we did set the precedent for some kind of time-travel without resorting to sudden rabbits out of hats, the basis is there to deal with such topics and keep the familiar names we've gotten to know.


The latest posts include more on nuclear energy, Scientific American's threats of litigation against a former environmentalist who changed his mind, a conference on Intelligent Design to be held in Kansas, and the irresponsibility of some parents who think they know better presuming to home-feed their kids. Whatever next? Visit at www.jamesphogan.com/bb.php.

James P. Hogan
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