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Issue Number : 14 - Web-site Woes, New Releases, Current Projects

Web-site Woes, New Releases, Current Projects

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Issue #14 - September 27, 2001
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Back around July, I announced to the world that the longstanding intention to reinstate the Book Ordering Page with shopping cart and credit-card capability added was at last within sight of happening, and we expected to have things up and running within weeks. Which only goes to show. . . . To cut a long horror story short, I was persuaded that it would be easier to move the whole web site to the host system where the ordering function was to be implemented, and the fiasco that resulted went on for two months. Even by then, nothing of the original web site was yet working, never mind the proposed extensions to it. We are now back on the original host, and all is restored to its original state as of early August. (A lesson there about keeping backups?) And not to be the least deterred, we're going to have another crack at it.

My thanks to those readers who wrote pointing out the errors they were encountering, and to all others for bearing with us. Rockets, Redheads, and Revolution contained a piece called "Sorry About That," detailing the saga of Jackie and I versus the Irish construction industry when we took on restoring a big, old house in Wicklow. A third mixed fiction/nonfiction collection is in the works, tentatively entitled Catastrophe, Chaos, and Convolution, date yet to be fixed, and it has already been suggested to me that this latest adventure might provide material for something similar to include in it. Maybe. But before writing it, I'll need a while to fully appreciate the humorous aspects.


We have a bunch of titles all scheduled for October:

The Legend That Was Earth -- Baen Books paperback, 503 pp., ISBN 0-671-31840-3 $7.99 U.S. (Original hardback released October, 2000)

Martian Knightlife -- Baen Books Hardback, 278 pp. ISBN 0-671-31844-6 $22.00 U.S. The cover illustration (great coloring - art by Clive Caldwell) has a dog called Guinness that's a cross between Doberman and Labrador. Originally the dog was shown with pointed ears, which was all wrong as far as my three sons were concerned, since Guinness was a one-time real dog of theirs, and had _floppy_ ears. I duly passed their protests on to Toni Weisskopf, who informed Jim Baen, and . . . well, what can one say? Publishers have hearts and can be sentimentally generous too. Jim got Clive to change them.

Past Imperfect -- DAW anthology of time travel stories, edited by Martin Greenberg and Larry Segriff, 314 pp., $6.99 U.S. Contains Convolution. This is the one inspired by an idea from youngest son, Joe.

Further background on all the above obtainable on the web site at "What's New".


Primarily the sequel to Cradle of Saturn. Also, getting book ordering added. Stay tuned.

James P. Hogan
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