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Issue Number : 12 - Web Site Remodeling, Title Rereleases, Mailing List Reminders

Web Site Remodeling, Title Rereleases, Mailing List Reminders

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Issue #12 - January 1, 2001
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Best wishes for the New Year to all on the Mailing List. It's been a long time since the last mailing, which was in October, primarily due to the work load of getting the "Knight" book done, a batch of short-story commitments, more entanglements with the Irish real estate business (yes, believe it or not!), and some complications on the personal side of life.


During that time we've seen the Baen Books reissues of Realtime Interrupt (August 2000), Thrice Upon a Time (November 2000), and the Czech Republic edition of Inherit the Stars (December 2000), which will be followed by the others in the "Giants" series. The new Baen Books hardback The Legend that was Earth came out in October, followed by an Easton Press leather-bound, limited signed edition. The next major work looks like being be a much-requested sequel to Cradle of Saturn, which Eleanor Wood and Jim Baen are currently pushing me for.


New Look

Alex and Tim have done a great job in giving the web site a new, more streamlined look, while sticking to the principles we agreed of simplicity, minimal graphics, and fast download time. The responses we've got have been very appreciative.


The main intent at this point is to reintroduce Mr. Toad's Ordering Page with credit carded capability added (I know I've said this before, but it was one of the things that got delayed by the factors above). We're also planning to expand it to a catalog covering all of my own in-print titles, along with a selection of books by others, particularly hard-to-find titles dealing with the dissident science topics that I feature on the Bulletin Board. The idea is to offer a one-stop shopping site where you can pick up a bunch of those books that you not only couldn't find a source of before, but very likely didn't even know existed -- along with a few Hogan titles to relax with, of course.


At a reader's suggestion, Tim has added a Guestbook to the site, which looks very nice. A pity we didn't think of this earlier, in view of the tens of thousands of visitors we've had over the years. Help make up the backlog by dropping by to sign in and view other who might share your interests -- and who knows whom you might get acquainted with as a consequence?

Bulletin Board

Recent postings include items on:

  • Evidence for massive global flooding in historical times. (And why not, if that's what the facts seem to say? Why do people insist on reading political/religious agendas into everything?)
  • Challenging the conventional interpretation of the red shift, and hence bringing into question the entire account of a Big Bang.
  • Letter from Dr. Robert Murray indicating that the postings on AIDS do seem to be making a difference.


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