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Issue Number : 11 - Web Site Remodeling Delays, The Legend that was Earth released, Next project on the list

Web Site Remodeling Delays, The Legend that was Earth released, Next project on the list

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Issue #11 - October 11, 2000
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A long delay since the last mailing, I know. I've been swamped by a heavy travel schedule, moving into a place that I bought in Florida to use when I'm in the U.S., instead of the apartment I've been renting there, doing what one can for various friends and relatives who have been sick, and despite it all, finishing the latest book (see below).


The above has put the remodeling of the web site back several months from what was hoped originally. But it is gradually happening. The major proposed changes, apart from generally streamlining the appearance, are:

  • Accepting of credit cards and an expanded Order Catalog to include works other than my own.
  • Interactive forum ("Hogan's Irish Pub") to enable readers and other visitors to exchange thoughts directly on Bulletin Board items or anything else they want to bring up.
  • Comprehensive Site Index affording one-click access to all items available on a selected topic.
  • Mail Box section with FAQs to save me answering the same repeated queries individually, which is becoming too overloaded.

Further suggestions welcome. This it the time.


Alien economic imperialism leads to friction between divided factions of Terran nations, which escalates to armed confrontation. When the alien forces are drawn in to prop up their crumbling Washington puppet regime, it's obvious that nothing can stand up to their fearsome firepower. Or can something? Now in the stores as a Baen Books hardback, ISBN 0-671-31945-0 $24.00 U.S. $35.00 Canada.


Problems and complications arising from having a time-communication machine. Baen Books reissue scheduled for November 2000. Original was a Del Rey paperback, 1980.


A number of people have asked what I'm working on currently. Well, remember the original Leslie Charteris "Saint" books from the 1930's? I used to devour them as a teenager, and after hearing me talk about them, my sons decided to give them a try and thought they were great. One day while we were driving, the youngest, Joe, said, "Why don't you create a space-going Saint? The idea appealed to me: a time when humanity is past its current idiotic phase of cultural negativism and technophobia, vigorously expanding across the Solar System. Every type of habitat, lifestyle, social, political, or economic experiment what an environment to turn loose an adventurer in to tell any kind of story you want! My agent, Eleanor Wood, liked the idea; so did Jim Baen. So that's what I've been doing for a while now. The first two stories are finished, entitled, "His Own Worst Enemy" and "The Plague of Akhnaton" (the latter possibly to be renamed "The Khal of Tadzhikstan," to avoid future confusion). Both will go into a novel-size volume, title and release date still to be decided.


Not a lot recently, I'm afraid, due to the factors above. The newest item deals with the double standards applied to nuclear and coal-burning utilities. More nuclear material is actually thrown away in coal waste than is burned by nuclear plants. If it were regulated as nuclear waste, the coal-burning would be non-viable economically.

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James P. Hogan
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