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Issue Number : 10 - Real-Time Interrupt Rereleased, Web Site Makeover

Real-Time Interrupt Rereleased, Web Site Makeover

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Issue #10 - June 20, 2000
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As some may have noticed already, we've moved the site to a new domain at http://www.jamesphogan.com. This is to prepare for some significant changes. Besides a general facelift and redesign of the layout, the most significant additions will be (1) the incorporation of credit-card processing to handle an enlarged Ordering Catalog carrying other things besides my own works, and (2) an Interactive Discussion List to either supplement or replace the Bulletin Board. But this is where you come in. It's an opportunity to let us know the kind of things you'd like to see. All suggestions welcome. Use the Reply button to send.


The Baen Books rerelease of Realtime Interrupt (original Bantam edition, 1995) is scheduled for August. We're into Virtual Reality in a big way here-described in the cover summary as "a psychological thriller about a brilliant scientist trapped between worlds of fantasy and reality."

"Realistically illustrating a dangerous combination of computer research, corporate politics, market pressure, and personal ambition, the author delivers a frighteningly believable scenario of science gone awry."

-- Publishers Weekly

ISBN 0-671-57884-7 Paperback, 416 pp. $6.99 U.S. ($9.99 Canada)

Click for More Information, including summary, sample chapters, and on-line ordering links.


Latest novel, The Legend that Was Earth, Baen hardback scheduled for release in October. I haven't created the Title Page for it yet. In the meantime, see short description under Pending on the What's New Page.

Baen rerelease of Thrice Upon a Time (Del Rey original, 1980) scheduled for November. More later.


The July/August special double issue of Analog magazine contains another cryptic puzzle compiled by yours truly. Rather than presenting simple definitions or questions of general knowledge, cryptic crosswords use clues typically built around word-plays, anagrams, and double meanings. Solving them involves creative ability and a certain degree of "thinking sideways" as opposed to either just knowing an answer or not, or having to guess at it, and tends to appeal to the kind of people who read science-fiction.

If you enjoy it, let me know. If you would like it to become a regular feature of Analog, let Stan Schmidt know at stanleyschmidt@erols.com.


Recent postings on the Web site board include items on:

  • A Congressional candidate you should find more like (for what an outsider's opinion is worth, anyway)
  • List of titles available at amazon.com (more than some people think)
  • African AIDS again
  • Vanished superpower
  • A gem of Global Warming inanity

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