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Issue Number : 1 - Outward Bound release announcement

Outward Bound release announcement

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Issue # 1 - February 27, 1999
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James P. Hogan?s Outward Bound, sixth in the "Jupiter" series of young-adult science-fiction by Tor Books, is scheduled for release in March. Linc Marani, a vicious fifteen-year old-street thug, seems destined for a criminal career as his only chance for sampling better things of life, when a mysterious organization intervenes to help him discover a different side to his nature and a new set of values that will prepare him for a different future far from Earth.

". . . depicts a young man's rite of passage as he makes his way from a troubled youth to a responsible citizen of the future. Reminiscent of the early works of Heinlein in its appeal to teenage readers."

-Library Journal

"The action never lags . . . Hogan does a fine job in making real, and even heroic, his young protagonist's struggle to redefine himself far away from anything he has ever known"

-Publishers Weekly

ISBN 0-312-86253-1 Hardcover, 220 pp. $22.95 U.S. ($31.95 Canada) For more information, including cover illustration, author comments, sample chapters, and on-line ordering links, see James P. Hogan's web site at this page.

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