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Israel Butchering Peace Activists in International Waters

Headline from the English language version of the Russian report on the latest act of Israeli state terrorism in attacking the vessels carrying relief supplies to Gaza. In a typically courageous and principled stand, a spokesperson for the European Union nations who will doubtless blather impotently and do nothing lamented, "We strongly urge that all involved act with a sense of restraint and responsibility and work for a constructive resolution." Imagine the reaction if Iran had perpetrated anything comparable.

The United States has been turning itself into a police state and leading its stooge Western governments into unprovoked aggression and invasions in the name of waging a "war on terror." Well, here is open, undisguised terror being conducted against victims who were not even armed, with the contempt for international law and all the principles of civlized behaviour that the world is coming to accept as normal. So where is the "war"? Why isn't Israel being bombed, and invaded, and all diplomatic relations severed?

It's not as if it were the first time. The state was founded by terror on stolen lands and has existed ever since through terrorism backed by limitless U.S. political, military, and financial support. Those for whom this is news might try searches on "Goldstone Report," the "Lavon affair" (1954), the U.S.S. Liberty (1967), "Sabra and Shatila" (1982), "Qana" (1996), "Jenin" (2002), not to mention the Gaza invasion of 2009, for examples.

Yet we are told that Iran, which has never attacked anyone in over 100 years, is the threat, as the world is being geared up for another attack on a small country with virtually a repeat of the same lies that were told about Iraq. Warnings are rife that at any time now another "incident" can be expected somewhere in the U.S., with Iran being blamed as the instigator (I was skeptical of the official 9/11 story on the day it happened, and I still am), which will provide all the justification needed. A moment's thought makes it obvious that Iran has nothing to gain from such an act, and everything to lose. The only ones who stand to gain are those who seek its destruction. After all, false flag operations are hardly new in the course of history as a means for supplying demagogues and governments the pretexts for enacting policies they have already decided.

It seems to me that it would probably be better for the stability of the region if Iran did acquire nuclear weapons. Few situations could surely be worse than the present nuclear arsenal monopolized in such fanatical and dangerous hands.


Posted on January 20, 2010
The "ManyWorlds" page is finally up again for mail or electronic ordering of JPH titles direct from the site. To browse what's available, go to "Bookstore" from the menu bar at the side of the page, select "JPH Titles," and click on any edition showing a ManyWorlds link. Or go directly to the page by clicking here. Some interesting additions expected during the months ahead.

Posted on August 25, 2009
After some delay this year, caused mainly by my taking advantage of a comparatively dry summer to catch up on all the outside work that had backed up through the ghastly wet winter, The Migration is finally finished and scheduled by Baen Books as a hardback release for next May. A generation ship departs from a curiously pluralistic post-calamity world to found a new, idealistic culture elsewhere, and a former traveling illusionist becomes the key player in finding a lost robot that has discovered religion. Further information here, including background and sample excerpts.


The Migration -- After Earth's first attempt at a technological civilization was destroyed in a global conflict, the new culture that emerges sets out to build a new world elsewhere, where the influences of the old order cannot reach. But human nature has a way of asserting itself wherever humans exist

Moon Flower -- A peculiarity of quantum mechanics and strange alien botany give prospects for a better future on Earth.

The Two Worlds -- Single-volume reissue of the third and fouth novels in the Giants series.

Echoes of an Alien Sky -- Colonists from another world are already making homes on Earth, while scientists and archeologists reconstruct the story of the extinct race that once inhabited it

The Two Moons -- Single-volume reissue of the first two novels in the Giants series.

Catastrophes, Chaos & Convolutions -- Third collection of short fiction, nonfiction essays, biographical anecdotes, and other oddments.

Kicking The Sacred Cow -- A Collection of nonfiction essays questioning scientific issues that I believe have become dogmatized, where institutionalized science rejects or ignores evidence inconvenient to preconceptions and established theory.

Mission to Minerva -- Fifth book in the Giants series. Unraveling of the mysterious physics that governs transfer between the alternate realities of the Multiverse enables a mission to be sent back to the time of ancient Minerva in an attempt to alter its history.


Global Warming False Alarm -- By Ralph Alexander -- The Bad Science Behind the United Nations' Assertion that Man-made CO2 Causes Global Warming

The Real Global Warming Disaster -- By Christopher Booker -- Is the Obsession with "Climate Change" Turning Out to Be the Most Costly Scientific Blunder in History?

Heaven and Earth -- By Ian Plimer -- Global Warming, the Missing Science

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Terrestrial Energy -- By William Tucker -- How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America's Energy Odyssey

The Body Electric -- By Robert O. Becker & Gary Selden -- Electromagnetism and the foundation of life


Updated on January 5, 2010

Article at Lew Rockwell Column on how the global warming "science" was cooked

New short-story collection.

Article at Lew Rockwell Column on nuclear energy as the only way to go

Unearthing the Hoover Dam

New novel scheduled for release by Baen Books.

"Murphy's War" short story, print edition released.

Mind Matters online edition.

Article at Lew Rockwell Column on Global Warming and its benefits.

The Genesis Machine, Spanish edition.

Article at Lew Rockwell Column on electricity in space

Inherit the Stars, Korean edition.

JPH Talks Online. Recent JPH talks available for download.

New short story to be included in a Baen anthology.

Moon Flower--Baen Books, April 2008

Japanese Editions--Anguished Dawn Tokyo Sogensha, August, 2007

Reissue of the third and fourth "Giants" novels by Baen.

New Japanese Editions scheduled for release.


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