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Global Warming False Alarm
by Ralph Alexander

Modest in length but penetrating in depth, the author takes the IPCC to task for the flawed science and manipulation of evidence behind its assertion that man-made carbon dioxide is causing global warming, and the failed predictions of the computer models upon which the claims incessantly repeated to the public are based. His analysis shows the folly of carbon trading schemes for regulating CO2, dispels common illusions about renewable energy sources, and brings home the enormous economic cost of cap-and-trade systems that will squander resources on a titanic scale chasing a problem that doesn't even exist.

Excellent review ratings from amazon.com readers. Some comments therefrom:

"As perfect a read as one could ask, and just right for those preparing to go to Copenhagen somewhat shame-faced that they have been had. A solid 124 pages with 330 notes as well as a glossary and an index, I found this book fully satisfactory."

"Thank you Ralph B. Alexander for writing an easy to read, informative, instructive book for "deniers" like me to read and have factual ideas to present to my friends who have run off and joined this new religion. Some of them listen, some of them have purchased and read this book--and some of them are really ANGRY that they were lied to by "experts" and to this amazing extent."

"This is a good book for those who wish a quick understanding of what's going on with all the shrill Global Warming claims (= Hysteria) and the bad science behind them. It's a simple book, short, and easy to read. . . . Above all, don't believe the media. A LOT of money is going into Global Warming propaganda."

"Refreshingly, Dr. Alexander's style is warm and friendly throughout, providing a comfortable, well-paced and very informative read. In fact, I read the entire book in just two sittings, which for a mostly technical book is quite an achievement. I attribute the ease of reading to the book's fair-minded style and its clear and logical progression of ideas."

". . . Dr Alexander makes the readers understand that the global warming alarm is almost completely an artifact of manipulation with the human psychology and with the data. But unlike the case of many other books, you will see that Dr. Alexander is actually a mainstream scientist (and an applied scientist in the environmental sector) who cares about the good name and functioning of science."

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