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US paperback
Dec 2003
A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity
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Batelle Press
ISBN 1574771361
350 pp
A Case for Nuclear-Generated Electricity
by Scott W. Heaberlin

The basics of the science and engineering necessary to understand the essential role of nuclear energy in supporting modern civilization, and the public's major fears and misconceptions addressed in an easy, informal style that will appeal to the layman.

Scott Heaberlin is a professional nuclear engineer whose career has spanned a range of technical and managerial functions centered on nuclear safety issues encompassingd government research, reactor operations, and commercial nuclear facilities. He directed the Nuclear Safety and Technology Applications Product Line at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, managed by Battelle.

Since I'm recommending the book for lay readers, here are some reader comments from amazon.com

"This is a wonderful book. It is written to high standards of objectivity and rigor. Yet the book is accessible to any layman who is able to read and understand a newspaper editorial page."

"Provides an excellent discussion of the basics of nuclear fission. Then it covers the primary objections to nuclear power - cost, accident potential, waste storage, and theft of bomb material."

"With all of the furor about Carbon Dioxide, Ethanol, Solar and Windmill Power,etc., "Nuclear Power" is seldom mentioned. Yet it is the safest and most efficient source of electrical energy. And it does NOT create significant waste and pollution, especially when compared to almost all other sources of energy. The book offers the most balanced and technically accurate assesment of Nuclear Power, and should convince even the most rabid and/or ill informed anti-Nuclear fanatic that it is the best, and probably the ONLY way to go for this century. Our future will indeed be bleak without it."

"Although the topic is highly technical, it is written in a manner that is very understandable to a newbie reader. He explains some very complicated technical aspects in a clear and simple way using very helpful illustrations. This book is a great primer on nuclear energy. Covers the topic top to bottom."

"An excellent read for the non-technical. A good source of well balanced info regarding the electricity generating options with the Nuclear option put into perspective."

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