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US hardback
Sep 2008
Terrestrial Energy
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ISBN 0910155763
420 pp
Terrestrial Energy
by William Tucker

Amazon.com describes this as "possibly the most important book about energy in a generation." For over thirty years we have been fed a diet of half-truths, misinformation, urban legends, and outright fabrications about energy. Here, William Tucker presents the results of years of research to make sense of the energy picture from the viewpoint of a veteran journalist, without the burdens of having to conform to political pressures or arrive at predetermined outcomes. His verdict is unequivocally for nuclear as the only realistic and practical way to go.

In explaining why, Tucker not only recognizes the unique factors that set nuclear apart from the so-called alternatives, for example the importance of energy density as opposed to merely the amount--the disintegration of a single uranium atom produces 2 million times more energy than the breaking of a carbon-hydrogen atom in coal, oil, or natural gas--but dispels the myths surrounding exaggerated fears of accidents, radiation, and the disposal of waste. On the latter issue, he points out that the reason America has a "problem" is because it fails to recycle its spent fuel rods. (It seems ironic that when people are being browbeaten over recycling everything else, we fail to do so in what's probably the single most important area where recycling really matters.) As its title implies, the book's findings follow from a comparative survey the various energy policies that are currently being promoted.

"[T]he serious citizen should be aware of the often obscure and confusing intricacies of nuclear power not the weaponry and Tucker's new book makes this task easy and interesting."
     --Ted Rockwell, former technical director of Admiral Hyman Rickover's nuclear navy, and author of The Rickover Effect and Creating the New World: Stories and Images of the Dawn of the Atomic Age

"William Tucker takes the boom out of the atom and chases away the cancer, the giant mutant insects and the Three Mile Island residents who claim to glow in the dark. Read Terrestrial Energy and help high-binders, hacks and eggheads take a hike."
     ----P.J. O'Rourke

"William Tucker is one of those rare contrarians who exists on a plateau far above politics. One can take the time to absorb his thoughts now, at leisure as in the case of this book about Neo-nuclear Energy or wait a long time and try to find them in a whadud he say panic."
     ----Tom Wolfe author of The Right Stuff and The Bonfire of the Vanities

"Mr. Tucker is very credible in his de-bunking of scare tactics and unfounded fear-mongering by opponents of nuclear energy. There's nothing more persuasive than facts and real-world experience to counter myths."
     ----Herbert W. Whitney, amazon.com reviewer

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