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US paperback
Jul 1998
The Body Electric
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ISBN 0688069711
368 pp
The Body Electric
by Robert O. Becker & Gary Selden

A fascinating account of how Dr. Becker's investigations into cellular dynamics of such phenomena as limb regeneration and bone healing not only revealed the role of micro electrical currents, but challenged the conventional mechanistic interpretation of biological processes by showing that electrical communication plays an essential part in ensuring correct replication, growth, and differentiation of cells, and influences gene regulation. Also, a vivid depiction of how real science works at the level of laboratory experiment guided by hard reasoning, and how a promising enterprise can be frustrated by academic jealousies and short-sighted politics.

I tend to be skeptical of environmental scares, which have become big business in our society. But Dr. Becker concludes on a cautionary note warning against the effects of saturating ourselves with electropollution that appears to warrant more serious consideration than has to date been accorded.

p>"[A] gripping account of science at the cutting edge. The writing is clear and vivid, and the story--about one man's quest for knowledge in the face of government resistance--is sure to chill."
-- Ms. magazine

"This book is well-written and very informative, with many thoughtful ideas about the relationship of electromagnetism and electricity to life processes, medical care, and environmental concerns. Also, the politics of the world of medical research are presented in a realistic light."

-- Choice

"An astounding, thought-provoking book. . . . The vistas it opens up should keep researchers busy for decades."

-- San Francisco Chronicle

"Honestly, if I could give this book 10 stars, I would. . . . Becker & Selden go into excruciatingly beautiful detail of any number of experiments exposing some of the electrical plumbing and electrical signaling going on in complex bodies. This includes bone regeneration through electrical currents, partial or complete limb regeneration in Rats and salamanders through electrical processes. It refers to known cases of young children (under 11 y/o) regrowing fingertips that have been severed in accidents and NOT been operated on, or had skin grafts that inhibit the regenerative process. They also go into the removal of bacterial infections with positive silver electrodes approximating the body's natural healing electrical currents."

-- Michael Gmirkin, amazon.com reviewer

"If you have not read Robert O. Becker yet you must, if you have any interest in health processes or the healing process. He was a very thorough medical researcher with a keen interest in regeneration and lays the basis of his work on a rich history of medical evolution from 2,000 BC forward. While he touches only lightly on silver, he was the first to certify that electro generated silver ions not only kill most pathogens but are also the only metallic ions to cause dedifferentiation of cells and thus rapid local regeneration. His primary application was as bimetallic (battery) implants to speed bone and other tissue healing but he opened the world to the electrical nature of cellular life processes."

-- amazon.com review
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