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Sep 2008
Universe Electric
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Thunderbolts Project
Currently Available: Part 1, Big Bang? Part 2 Sun, Part 3 Comet
Universe Electric
by Thunderbolts Project

A seven-part series of splendidly illustrated E-Books giving an introduction to all aspects of the emerging paradigm that assigns electricity the dominant role in shaping the universe.

Currently Available:

Questions the current gravity-dominated model of cosmology and proposes alternative, electrical explanations of observed phenomena that challenge the traditional assumptions upon which the Big Bang paradigm is based.

Despite being all-but-universally accepted as established fact, the thermonuclear theory of solar energy production has its problems. How does the evidence compare with that for energy being supplied externally, by electric currents in the space plasma, converted to radiation via arc discharge and electrically induced fusion in the photosphere, not at the core?

Rejects the conventional "dirty snowball" model and shows that observations are better explained in terms of an electrically charged body moving through regions of changing potential at varying distances from the Sun.

Under Preparation:

The role of cosmic electrical discharges in sculpting craters, rilles, fissures, and other surface features on planets, moons, and other bodies of the Solar System, and also on Earth.

A detailed examination of the surface and structural features of Mars from the standpoint of electrical activity.

Electrical influences in geology, surface features, climate, and weather

Depictions in ancient art and mythology worldwide of awesome and terrifying celestial displays that are thought to have played a major role in the shaping of civilizations and religions, no longer seen in the skies of today.

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