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US paperback
Nov 2007
Flare Star
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Trafford Publishing
ISBN 1425150136
560 pp
Flare Star
by Dwardu Cardona

Following God Star, this is the second volume of Cardona's projected 6-book work on the theory that Earth was once a companion of a brown dwarf star, the remant of which we see today as the planet Saturn.

One of the big mysteries concerning Earth's recent history has been the cause of ice ages and what brought them to an abrupt end. Many theories have been advanced in the course of the last hundred years, but none has gained universal acceptance or proved entirely satisfactory. Following on from the hypothesis developed in God Star, Part Two presents the case that Earth’s last Ice Age and the planet-wide devastation and rapid mass extinctions that occurred around that time were results of the cosmic catastrophe following the entry of the proto-Saturnian system into the present Sun’s domain of influence.

As in God Star, support for these conclusions derives from the message left by the survivors in mankind’s mytho-historical record, and from scientific evidence written into Earth's geology of massive tectonic upheavals, geomagnetic field excursions, global vulcanism, and the incursions of oceans over continental land masses.

The roots of religious belief identified previously are explored further to show that recognition of the Saturn entity--originally accredited with the powers of a deity--as the agent of the world's devastation established the belief in humanity's subjection to a wrathful, vengeful god that has directed the course of so much of history's darker episodes since.

"I have just read and highly recommend Dwardu Cardona's Flare Star (the second volume in his amazing Star series). Whatever your scientific interest you will find a treasure trove of interesting facts which answer many an orthodox discipline's conundrums while at the same time supporting his Saturn age scenario. Dwardu is virtually rewriting the history of the Earth as it was, and is, in the Electric Universe."

-- Ken Moss, specialist in ancient history and mythology

"[E]ssential reading for anyone interested in geology, archeology, paleontology or the recent history of the Solar System. He correlates information from astronomers, geologists, plasma scientists and from comparative mythologists to demonstrate that they use different methods but come to many similar conclusions. He notes several known problems in science that are not often stressed outside the scientific community. He then provides possible explanations to the problems with one basic assumption concerning the original plasma environment around Earth. The references alone are worth the price of the book. "

-- "Plasma Spiral," amazon.com reviewer

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