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US paperback
Jan 2004
Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate
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ISBN 0595297978
204 pp
Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate
by Mihkel M. Mathiesen

An account of environmentalist tactics and politics in action through a series of case studies, beginning with the 1972 ban on DDT, and continuing through acid rain, the asbestos hysteria, and the ozone hole to global warming.

From the Book Description at amazon.com:
"'Societies unravel when they lose the glue that holds them together.' The opening words of Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate reveal author M. Mihkel Mathiesen's passionate struggle to reveal how the truth has become controversial in the modern community. Mathiesen explores the paralyzing effect political correctness has on society and the associated environmental scares the public has accepted as fact for 30 years."

The Description concludes:
"Global Warming in a Politically Correct Climate is an enlightening look at how the transfer of wealth from an unwitting public is justified by averting non-existent threats, and how greed rather than pure idealism is at work in environmental politics."

I would also add, and coercive fanatical ideologies.

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