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UK hardback
Apr 2008
An Appeal to Reason
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Gerald Duckworth
ISBN 071563786X
144 pp
An Appeal to Reason
by Nigel Lawson

In the 1960s we were told that the population explosion would lead to mass global starvation. In the 1970s, the planet was running out of natural resources and world economic growth would grind to a halt within our lifetimes. When the planet's temperature, which had been gently rising for some 400 years, appeared to be falling again, we were entering a new ice age. In recent years, it has been sensational warnings that global warming, later modified to "climate change," will have disastrous consequences in the very near future unless we make drastic sacrifices and accept the necessity of higher all-round costs and taxes, and surrender to greater control over all aspects of our lives, now.

In this hard-hitting response to the scaremongering, Nigel Lawson, the UK's former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for Energy, examines all aspects of the global warming issue: the science, the economics, the politics, and the ethics. He concludes that, contrary to the deeply-flawed Stern Review, the conventional wisdom is suspect on a number of grounds; that global warming is not the devastating threat to the planet it is widely alleged ot be; and that the remedy that is currently being proposed, which is in any event politically unattainable, would be worse that the threat it is supposed to avert. Argued with logic, commmon sense, an element of wit, and thoroughly sourced and referenced.

To quote Lawson:

"So the new religion of global warming, however appealing it may be to the politicians, is not as harmless as it may appear at first sight. Indeed the more one examines it the more it resembles a 'Da Vinci Code' of environmentalism. It is a great story and phenomenal best-seller. It contains a grain of truth – and a mountain of nonsense. And that nonsense could be very damaging indeed. We appear to have entered a new age of unreason which threatens to be as economically harmful as it is profoundly disquieting. It is from this, above all, that we really do need to save the planet."

"Only one senior political figure in Britain has dared stand apart from [the] stifling orthodoxy: Nigel Lawson"

--The Telegraph

"On many points the sceptics happen to be correct. Nigel Lawson's short splendid book ... can leave no fair-minded reader in doubt on that score ... Elegantly written, thorough, entertaining and, above all, convincing"

--The Financial Times

"Tightly argued ... Bombarded with the zealous certainties of those deaf to reasoned argument on the most important of issues, it is intensely refreshing to find in Nigel Lawson someome who, without claiming to have all the answers, is at least brave enough to ask eminently sensible questions."

--The Spectator

"An excellent critique of the current mass-hysteria surrounding anything to do with changes in climate. Lord Lawson doesn't deny that the Earth warmed between the 1970s and the late 1990s. And he accurately points out that temperatures since then have been flat (not forecast in advance by any of the models by the way). He then goes on to look at what may happen if (IF) the climate models are right. He discusses the great capacity of humans to adapt, even to an IPCC worst case. He examines why a global political solution is frankly not going to happen and why European action only is poor policy."

--amazon.co.uk reviewer

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