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US paperback
Jun 2007
Exploding A Myth
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Horwood Publishing
ISBN 1904275303
256 pp
Exploding A Myth
by Jeremy Dunning-Davies

The myth that Jeremy Dunning-Davies sets out to explode is the belief that science is an impartial search for truth untainted by precommitments and prejudice, and free from the influences of professional politics and social dynamics. Not all topics are open for free discussion. No-one, the author argues, in today's prestige-seeking and funding-driven climate, can openly raise questions about Einsteinian relativity, dispute the Big Bang theory cosmology, or the existence of black holes, all of which are treated with the assurance of being established fact rather than issues over which some extremely capable and qualified people have expressed serious concerns.

Book Contents:
Einstein's Theories of Relativity
Big Bang Theory Controversial or Not?
The Schwartzschild Solution and Black Holes
Hadronic Mechanics

Professor Dunning-Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics at the University of Hull, UK, who also holds an honorary position at the Institute for Basic Research in Palm Harbor. He pioneered the thermodynamics of anti-matter, and is extremely knowledgable in the history of physics and astronomy. His other, more mainstream works include Mathematical Methods for Mathematicians, Physical Scientists and Engineers (2003) and Concise Thermodynamics, Second Edition" (2007)

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