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US paperback
Jun 2006
The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes
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Bear & Company
ISBN 1591430615
416 pp
The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes
by Richard Firestone, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith

A recommended addition for the bookshelf of those with an interest in ancient catastrophism and the possibility that the Earth was subjected to violent events in the comparatively recent past, to which much of ancient myth and legend is a testimony. The authors of this book attribute infer the cause to have been the energy and debris from a relatively close supernova that exploded 44,000 years ago. Maybe so, maybe not, but the reconstruction of how the evidence points to something wiping out huge numbers of the world's megafauna around 12,000 years ago and then burying the remains is instructive.

Don't be mislead by the somewhat gaudy cover, which suggests a gothic horror novel. The authors are a nuclear chemist, an international scientific consultant, and and a field geologist, and the book has some serious things to say, backed by a solid scientific approach.

"[T]ells a fascinating, remarkable, and scientifically convincing story that will change how we look at our world. The important conclusion that catastrophes like this could happen again at any time should inspire a united global effort to confront this serious danger to Earth."
-- Prof. Anders Nilsson, Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanford University, and the Department of Physics, Stockholm University, Sweden

“Reads like a mystery novel while presenting hard evidence for a cosmic catastrophe 13,000 years ago that rendered mammoths and many other large North American animals extinct. This is serious research presented in an easy-to-read style.”
-- Bob Kobres, Carolina Bay Archivist, University of Georgia Libraries

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