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US hardback
Apr 2008
The Revolution
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Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 0446537519
192 pp
The Revolution
by Ron Paul

In my opinion, Ron Paul, in refusing to pledge allegiance to a lobby that puts foreign interests before those of his own country, is the only runner for the forthcoming election fit to hold the office. In view of the media blackout that he has been subjected to as a consequence, this book setting out his philosophy, values, and the kind of America that he we could expect to see growing upon those foundations, is especially important. What American conservatism was supposed to be. As the Book Description at amazon.com puts it, "In this book, Ron Paul provides answers to questions that few even dare to ask."

From Ron Paul's statement accompanying the book's release:

These principles - individual liberty, sound money, the Constitution, and the foreign policy of the Founding Fathers - have had no home in American politics for a very long time. With The Revolution: A Manifesto, I'm letting the establishment know we're not going away.

Finally, Americans can hear and judge these great American principles for themselves, instead of through an unfriendly media filter. And they can learn once and for all that they need not be satisfied with the phony choices the system offers them every four years. Another way really is possible.

"The real truth about Liberty. This book takes a wrecking ball to the political establishment. Senator Goldwater would have loved it -- it's The Conscience of a Conservative for the 21st century."

--Barry M. Goldwater, Jr., former member of Congress

From amazon.com reviews (85 5-star reviews out of 87 when I last checked):

"Ron Paul's legacy--from decades of principled defense of freedom, peace, and sound money--is inculcated in this very important book. Just the right length, it convincingly and eloquently advances the Ron Paul philosophy."

--L. H. Rockwell, Jr. "Libertarian"

"Ron Paul excels at the Constitutional fundamentals: individual liberty, sound money, and non-interventionist foreign policies."

--Robert D. Steele

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