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US paperback
Jan 2004
The Design Revolution
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InterVarsity Press
ISBN 0830832165
334 pp
The Design Revolution
by William A. Dembski

How does intelligent design differ from a theological doctrine of creation? Is it a cleverly disguised form of scientific creationism?

What is specified complexity, and how does one determine whether something exhibits specified complexity?

How does the mathematical theory of information relate to intelligent design and, specifically, to intelligent design's criterion for detecting design, namely specified complexity?

What is biology's information problem, and how do biologists attempt to resolve it?

In attributing design to biological systems, isn't intelligent design just arguing from ignorance?

Is intelligent design testable? Is Darwinism testable?

These are a few of the questions that Dembski, one of the subject's leading theoreticians, addresses. The book's format of 44 short chapters, each dealing with a specific question or objection, allows focus on a single issue at a time at a level and in a tone that are appropriate. A great across-the-board reference to have at hand, and a valuable resource for answering the increasingly sophisticated questions that the subject is attracting.

"Together with a lucid presentation of his arguments for a designing agency for living organisms, [Dembski] deals with many of the objections to intelligent design theory, especially those that claim it involves supernatural causes, violates the laws of nature, and is unscientific."

-- John Roche, Linacre College, Oxford

"The view that intelligence must be intrinsic to the essential nature of the universe is a perspective that is slowly gaining a wider acceptance among serious scholars within the community of scientists and philosphers. . . . [Dembski] meaningfully moves scientists and scholars along the path of investigating and understanding the momentous possibility that intelligence is an irreducible aspect of reality."

-- Jeffrey M. Schwarz, M.D., Research Professor, UCLA, Department of Psychiatry

"It will not do for those to whom Dembski has issued his challenge to rely on their standing or authority within the scientific and academic establishments to wave him away. The truth is that the honor and integrity of science really are at stake in this matter. They would be profoundly tarnished by a dogmatic refusal to face up to Dembski's questions."

-- Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University

"Before reading this book I had the impression from various comments I had read, that William Dembski was some sort of religious fanatic whose views could be dismissed as unworthy of serious consideration. I had not got very far into this book when I realised that here was an intelligent and very clear thinking scientist whose views were such that they ought to be taken very seriously."

-- E. K. Thomas, Ammanford, South Wales, amazon.co.uk reviewer

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