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US hardback
Aug 2005
Global Warming -- Myth or Reality?
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ISBN 354023909X
510 pp
Global Warming -- Myth or Reality?
by Marcel Leroux

An in-depth presentation of what is known about how climate functions, applied to separating fact from fiction in the current critical debate. Beginning with a review of the dire hypotheses for climate trends, the author describes the history of the 1998 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and many subsequent conferences, their predictions concerning global temperatures, rainfall, weather and climate, and the mounting confusion and sensationalism of reports in the media. After taking a hard look at the reality of the greenhouse effect, the evidence from climate models, and the models limitations, Leroux postulates alternate causes of climate change and analyzes the trends for global temperatures, rainfall patterns, and sea level. He poses the heretical question if warming may be considered a benefit in some regions. Solidly establishes the scientific case of the sizable skeptical scientific community who challenge the accepted wisdom.

"Anyone who claim having an opinion on the issue of Anthropogenic Global Warming cannot ignore this book. . . .This is a scientific demonstration based on observations and accute scientific understanding and reasonning. It should be in every school library and science teachers should have read it answer students' question with knowledge. . . .Should you read one book, this one is the one."

--amazon.com reviewer.

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