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US paperback
Aug 2002
Global Warming and Other Eco Myths
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Prima Publishing
ISBN 0761536604
320 pp
Global Warming and Other Eco Myths
by Ronald Bailey (Ed.)

A collection of essays by 14 contributors, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, founder of the "green revolution," that attempt to dispel the dismal visions of a poisoned, over-populated, resource-depleted world spiraling down toward environmental collapse that for many have become today's conventional wisdom. Ronald Bailey, a writer and adjunct scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has gathered these articles to discredit what he calls "false science" and an "ideological environmentalism" that "wants to claim the mantle of objective science...."

"[C]hallenges the tired orthodoxies of ideological environmentalism. It's refreshing to read that there is no environmental 'cancer epidemic,' that climatologist John Christy says there is no imminent global warming catastrophe, and that Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug predicts that we will be able to feed 10 billion people using less land."

--John Stossel, ABC News

"Facts are stubborn things, and Ronald Bailey has once again assembled the best environmental fact-checkers in the business to explode the common misconceptions and distortions about the real state of our planet."
-- Steven Hayward, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute, and author of the Index of Leading Environmental Indicators

"A stunning riposte to the eco-alarmists . . . the clearest explanation in print of the promise that eco-friendly technology offers to the human race. A must read for anyone who wants to know how we can build a healthy world environment for our children and grandchildren."

-- Denis Dutton, editor of Arts & Letters Daily on the Web and professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

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