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Sep 2007
A Primer on CO<sub>2</sub> & Climate
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Vales Lake Pub Llc
ISBN 0971484554
66 pp
A Primer on CO2 & Climate
by Howard C. Hayden

Man's additions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere are receiving blame in the popular press for the warming of the earth that has occurred during the last century. All of the hype is based on over-ambitious computer programs with a severe under-representation of data. There are major flaws in the climate models, not to mention that the correct scientific foundation cannot even be represented on the wide grids used by climate modelers.

Dr. Hayden is a Professor Emeritus of Physics from the University of Connecticut

"[Hayden's] discussion of computer models is dear to my own heart as I spent several years modeling infinitely simpler flows using the best research at the time (early 1980's). We found that our 2 phase, crude, water, gas flows with pressure, temperature and orifice variations were only going to be able to predict a short distance from measured conditions. Those predictions required "training" on a longer past measured history and even then were subject to occasional contradiction by the real world. The only justification was they were better (fewer million dollar mistakes) than an experienced engineer's top-of-the-head guess. I believe the global climate models suffer from so many omissions and even some assumptions that seem to violate physical laws that any reliance on their predictive ability is religion not science."

--From the review by Donald N. Anderson, posted at amazon.com

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