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US paperback
Mar 2007
The Chilling Stars
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Totem Books
ISBN 1840468157
256 pp
The Chilling Stars
by Henrik Svensmark & Nigel Calder

A detailed description of the mechanism by which sub-atomic cosmic-ray particles play a key role in the formation of clouds, which subsequently affect the temperature of the Earth, and how it is affected by the Sun. Basically, a higher level of solar activity increases the shielding effect of the Earth's magnetic field, causing it to deflect more particles away into space. The fewer particles that penetrate to the atmosphere, the fewer clouds are formed, and the warmer the Earth becomes. This has been largely the situation of the last 100 years, which shows a close correlation between temperature and the amount of particles reaching the planet, and in which the Sun reached its highest activity level for 1000 years. Henrik Svensmark is Director of Sun-Climate Research at the Danish National Space Center. Nigel Calder is a veteran science writer, beginning on the original staff of the magazine New Scientist to become its editor, 1962-66, and since then working as an independent author and TV scriptwriter.

Henrik Svensmark's article > Cosmoclimatology, online at the Danish National Space Center, summarizes the theory and supporting experimental evidence.

"Until now, the evidence for [solar and CO2 theories] has relied essentially upon wiggle-matching -- how well the ups and downs in temperature over time match with the ups and downs of solar activity, or of CO2 in the atmosphere. Until now, both theories lacked experimental evidence. The Danish discovery has changed this. Researchers led by the Space Centre's Henrik Svensmark published experimental evidence in the proceedings of the prestigious British Royal Society showing that high-energy cosmic rays do have the ability to ionize molecules in our atmosphere and nucleate clouds."

--Ian Douglas Clark, Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa

Full article at http://www.financialpost.com/story.html? id=79ef0ec2-4c4c-49e0-b39c-60b13b2ba764&p=1

"The science presented in this book has been developing now for several years, and yet is largely ignored both by our media and politicians. One scientist recently pointed that if we had known in the mid-90s what we know today about climate change, we would never have thought that a treaty like Kyoto was necessary. This book explains the reasoning behind comments like that."

--Amazon.com reviewer

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